Summer Challenge / Weight Training Plan 3.0 – week 1 schedule

Welcome to Week 1! You may have already started the brand new Weight Training Plan 3.0 (which is great!) but if you’d like to follow it along with the community, we begin TOMORROW, Monday July 2!

The home version and gym version follow the same schedule, so no matter where you’re working out from, we’re all in this together.

I HIGHLY recommend following the plan in real time with the community… it becomes so motivating and fun to all connect on things like: “oh my gosh was she trying to kill us with that leg workout” and “I loved the hip thrusts at the end.” Gym girlfriend talk! 




You obviously have this in the plan but I wanted to include a schedule overview here for you along with a fun photo challenge for this week!


MONDAY: Chest + Shoulders

TUESDAY: Legs + Abs

WEDNESDAY: HIIT (or catch up workout) – use this day to catch up on a workout you may have missed, do HIIT cardio or rest

THURSDAY: Back + Biceps

FRIDAY: Triceps + Abs

SATURDAY: LISS cardio (optional) – you can also use this day to catch up on a workout you may have missed



1. Set a goal of how many workout days you intend to do this week (ex: I hope to workout 5 days this week – 4 lifts, 1 cardio day)

2. Each day you workout, take a photo of any part of your workout (a selfie, pic of your gym, your shoes, etc.)

3. In the photo find a fun way to incorporate the number of day workout you’re on

EXAMPLE: on my day 4 workout, I may form dumbbells in the shape of the number 4. On day 6 you may use your kids blocks to form the number 6 in your photo. You can also just put text over the image. I thought this would be a fun way to stay accountable for the first week of workouts!


WEIGHT TRAINING PLAN 3.0 (30 min edition)

The new Weight Training Plan 3.0 is the official fitness plan for the summer challenge.


lauren gleisberg weight training plan

You do not need to complete the 1.0 or 2.0 plan prior, so start with this plan if you’re brand new to the LG challenges and guides

Both the home and gym plans follow the same schedule, so YOU choose to workout at home, in the gym or both!


The best results come through both fitness and nutrition. Bundle the new Weight Training Plan 3.0 with the Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan to bring your best this summer!

lauren gleisberg meal plan bundle

lauren gleisberg meal plan bundle

With this bundle, you’ll be a meal plan member for life and enjoy all the free installments.


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