…not my grocery shopping cart. This is what is the 17 tabs I have opened with online shopping carts I currently have on my computer. First off… is anyone else the type of person who has a million tabs open in their browser. Secondly… anyone else the type of person who has all sorts of online shopping carts yet actually purchase about 6% of it. 


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Okay… so here is what is currently in the carts of those 17 tabs. It’s a mix of workout clothing, fall clothing, sneakers, boots, kitchen items. Honestly, I would LOVE any opinions on things especially the household products. I’m huge on product reviews: both sharing them and reading them haha which is why I take my time with purchasing products I care about. 

MINI BANDS (here): I don’t use bands all that much for my “weighted workouts” because I don’t find they provide the resistance I need to achieve muscle breakdown. BUT, I really like them for activation and burn out movements. I plan on picking up some of these mini bands.

PINK BARBELL PAD (here): Pink, because obviously lol. Barbell pad because I am obsesssssed with hip trusts more specifically heavy hip thrusts and I think this bad would save some hip soreness. I find hip thrusts are the most effective at building glutes, which is why I’m including them big time in the upcoming fall challenge and glute guide 2.0. I’ll need this for that 😉

ADIDAS TANK (here): my husband goes to Academy (it’s a sporting good store if you’re not familiar) a lot and I tag along haha. Every time he drags me past the workout clothing and over to whatever he’s looking at I eye up these tanks. I have one version.. I love the oversized fit and feel as well as the overall effortless look.


shoes + sneakersSLIDE ON SNEAKERS, APL (here): I could not be more obsessed with these sneakers. Want to hear a funny story about these?! I ordered a pair and when I was deciding on colors (between the gray/black and pink) I remember hitting “save for later” to the pink color and I purchased the gray/black. A few days later, I ordered a pair of sandals for a family member for a bday gift and accidentally purchased the pink ones too! I guess they were automatically moved to my cart. I was purchasing on my phone and trying to hurry up before my 1% battery ran out so I didn’t even review the order (aka total). Oops haha.

Anyway, these are REALLY expensive. I am a sneaker snob and these are the most expensive I’ve ever purchased. That’s the only downfall. Honestly though… I’ve worn them almost every day. They’re my favorite shoes to lift in. I run errands in them. I go for family walks in them. I have 2 pair and honestly would purchase a 3rd that is how much I love them… I have my eyes on the army green Please please please go on sale lol.

ULTRABOOST (here): sneaker snob strikes again. BUT, the older I get and the creakier my joints become, the more I value “good” workout shoes. I am not a huge runner but enjoy a light jog around my neighborhood and these are by far my favorite cardio shoes. They’re beyond comfortable. I have a pair that is almost 2 years old now and I could use a new one.

OVER THE KNEE BOOTS (here): I am looking for a cute pair of over the knee boots. I have a black pair from a few years ago and every time I wear them, I feel so bad ass. I can be wearing jeans, a tee and a ponytail… I put them on and feel so put together. I definitely use another pair


kitchen gadgets

INSTANT POT (here): this is the modern day crockpot because in today’s instantaneous society, can we wait for anything 😉 kidding. I love my crockpot. More than crockpot meals, I love the idea of a crockpot… you put it on in the AM, smell it cooking all day, sit together and enjoy a warm meal. BUT, when I thought about buying this I started thinking how often I use a crockpot. Last year, I probably only used it 10x… maybe I would use the instant pot more? maybe it would just take up more precious cabinet space? Thoughts?!

JUICER (here): when I did my Spring Cleaning Challenge (here if you ever want to try it), I tossed my old juicer because it wasn’t a great one and it was so so old. Plus, I had not used it in over 2 years (if I want a juice, I go buy one instead of making it). All of the sudden, I’ve had strong desires to begin juicing again especially celery juice which I keep reading about. This is the juicer I am thinking about. 

AIR FRYER (here): another kitchen gadget I keep seeing. It’s basically a small convection oven that can give you crispy food without butter or oil. I am thinking fries, wings, coconut shrimp buttt… I am not certain if I would get good use out of this. Anyone have it and love it?

SILICONE BAKING SHEET (here): why do I keep putting this purchase off? I bake a lot. Not sweet, baked goods but I make my own sweet potato fries, tortilla pizzas, breaded chicken, sheet pan meals, etc. I’m always struggling with food sticking to the pan or “should I use parchment paper?” I’ve heard great things about these.


fall clothing

DENIM JACKET (here): I do almost all my clothing shopping through bloggers. I follow a few who I have similar taste to and when they share things, I consider them like my personal shopper. I’ve seen a lot of my favorite fashion bloggers sharing this denim jacket. I love the ruffle detail and think I should pull the trigger on it… problem is.. it’s currently 100 in TX and hard to get in the fall spirit.

WOOL HATS (here): you guys, I have to confess… I was so disappointed by a recent hat order. I saw the world’s cutest hats from the Lack of Color brand. I purchased 2. They arrived. Awful. They look so odd on my head. Maybe I ordered the wrong sizes? Maybe they’re just not for me. They look so great on others but ugh. I was really bummed so I’m on the hunt for other wool hats.

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