We are pregnant… again! Baby #2

We are pregnant… again! We couldn’t be happier to share this news with you. Baby #2 is due in February. We are just about half way there, and I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. 

Where do I begin?
lauren gleisberg pregnancy annoucment

Tell us how you really feel, Leo…

baby #2 pregnancy annoucement


Anthony and I have dreamed of having our own squad when it comes to a family. Before we had Leo, I used to say, “yeah we want 3 or 4 kids but we don’t even have 1 yet so I guess time will tell.”
When Leo was barely 2 month olds, I remember Anthony asking me when we should start trying for baby #2. As a mom to a newborn all you can do is laugh at that question!
This pregnancy has been completely different from my first in so many ways including finding out we were pregnant!
With Leo, we were all about the ovulation sticks, tracking days, taking several tests each month. This time around, we just had a “whenever it happens, it is meant to be” approach.
One night at 10 PM, Anthony asked me to take a test. I thought “yeah right” (it was actually the first test I ever took since Leo). When I saw pregnant, I didn’t believe it. Of course, I took another test and another test. Pregnant. Pregnant.
It was pure excitement mixed with a little bit of shock. It was actually fun to experience 1 positive pregnancy test that we were anxiously awaiting (Leo) and 1 positive pregnancy test  that we were open to but trusting God’s timing on (baby #2).
We found out a week or two before Leo’s first birthday and I remember instantly counting to figure out how old Leo would be when this baby would be born. 19 months!
I told Anthony… “2 under 2. Do you know they write articles on how to handle 2 kids under 2.”
He googled and the first thing that came up was an article titled: How to Survive Life with 2 under 2. Haha!


Honestly, this is exactly what we’ve always dreamed of. A crazy house with young kids close in age. Life will certainly be crazier and more chaotic but there will also be much more love and moments to cherish.


Like I said, this pregnancy couldn’t be more different than my first. I think I will have to dedicate an entire blog post to that.
Right now, I am just shy of 20 weeks. I feel great (finally!). The baby is healthy and growing every day. We actually already know the gender but I feel like I have to share that in a fun way with you all.
Leo is clueless to everything. Although, I know this is going to be the best gift we could ever give him. He is absolutely obsessed with other kids and I can’t wait for him to have a little sibling. I have been teaching him to “hug” and “kiss” my belly. Speaking of a belly… it’s there!
I don’t know if I’ve done a good job of hiding it. I have learned to take a lot of photos straight on so the little bump isn’t obvious but around 17 weeks, it went from a bloated belly to a baby belly! I am showing a lot faster this time. SO, if you speculated and just didn’t say anything – I appreciate it!
MOM PLAN… I previously shared I delayed the play to add on an entire core/pelvic floor program. True! BUT, then when I found out I was pregnant, I was like oh man… I have to test the finalized version and share it during my pregnancy to do with other LG preggo mamas. More on that a different day.
I couldn’t wait to share this with you ladies. You all are so loving when it comes to my family. I feel like I am telling a good girlfriend as I am telling you this news. Thank you from the bottom of my hearts for all your continued love and support. It means more than we will ever be able to express.
Lots more to come!
Lauren, Anthony, Leo + Baby Lococo #2


click here for baby #2’s gender reveal


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  1. Sabrina

    So happy for you and your growing family Lauren! ?

    • Lauren Gleisberg

      Thank you so much XO

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