The 1 Face Washing Step that Totally Transformed My Skin

My skin looks more clear and radiant at my 20-something/almost 30 year old age than it has all my life. This 1 skin tip that I added into my PM routine has helped reduce my breakouts and gently exfoliate to give me vibrant skin.

My skin is far from perfect but I love getting skin tips from those who have transformed their skin as opposed to those who have always had great skin. You know what I mean?! So here is a tip that has really helped me and I am so confident it will help your skin too.

PROBLEM: the majority of women fail to fully wash off their make up each night; this not only leads to clogged pored and acne breakouts but also can prevent skincare products from working effectively

SOLUTION: add a washcloth into your PM skincare routine to thoroughly cleanse + wash away make up



A washcloth (THIS is the one I swear by) is most beneficial when it’s used to wipe off the make up from your face that the act of cleansing and rinsing wouldn’t achieve. Also, the washcloth provides a bit of exfoliation, which further helps achieve clear and radiant skin.


My Cleansing Routine:

Step 1: rub cleansing balm into dry skin (I use THIS but want to try THIS one soon)

Step 2: wet fingers + rub onto face to help emulsify the product + breakdown make up

Step 3: rinse with water

Step 4: apply cleanser with fingertips

Step 5: wet washcloth + wipe off cleanser + make up

Step 6: pat dry with clean towel



  • wipe (don’t rub!) the washcloth over your face
  • when wiping off cleanser/make up, you may need to run under water to wash off residue
  • wipe until there is no more make up that wipes away
  • be sure you get along your hairline, chin and neck



On Sundays, I take my washcloth skincare routine a step further for a bit of an at home steaming spa treatment.

After I apply my cleanser, I usually use the washcloth to rinse it off right away. Instead, I will run the washcloth under hot water, wring it out (but not completely) and lay the hot washcloth over my face for a bit. This steaming effect opens and cleans your pores. Just when the washcloth starts to chill off, I wipe away the cleanser and make up.



Normal washcloths can be a bit abrasive, especially for those with sensitive skin or those use use acid-based or retinol products.

Recently, I became obsessed with microfiber washcloths – they’re incredibly soft. They literally feel like butter, so they’re gentle on the skin yet provide just enough exfoliation. I used to use baby washcloths but found that these remove make up even better. It’s really personal preference but I highly suggest these microfiber ones!

THESE are the washcloths I am obsessed with. I love that they’re all white, $12 for a 6 pack + amazing reviews on Amazon.



All shower accessories can be breading grounds for bacteria when they’re left damp, so be sure you read the 2 options below if you decide to use a washcloth. The last thing I thing I want is to use a washcloth only to spread bacteria onto my skin.

Option 1:

Some say that you can reuse washcloths if you rinse thoroughly with water, wring out as much moisture as possible and hang it to dry thoroughly before the next use. This will help reduce bacteria, mildew and mold growth.

Option 2:

Personally, I like a fresh washcloth every time. The ones I like are relatively small so they’re no big deal to add to my regular laundry load.

I am also a bit nutty and any linen, towel or washcloth that touches my face gets washed with an all natural, non-fragrant detergent. THIS one is amazing because it actually cleans and was the best reviewed one on Amazon I could find!

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    Gretchen Cornelison
    July 23, 2019 at 1:31 PM

    Oh my gosh! I love that you are posting this. I’ve been using a white washcloth for years now to remove my make up. I always thought my face was “clean”, until I saw the leftover makeup left behind on the white washcloth. I’ll have to try the kind you use, I just get them from target in the end cap!

  • Reply
    July 30, 2019 at 2:00 PM

    Hey! The link to your natural detergent didn’t work- curious what it is?!

    • Reply
      Assistant LG
      August 4, 2019 at 12:01 AM

      Hi Kirsten,

      I am sorry about that. The natural detergent used is Charlie’s Soap – Fragrance Free Powdered Laundry. This is purchased off of Amazon.

  • Reply
    July 31, 2019 at 4:51 AM

    Hi Lauren! Could you fix the link above for the detergent? I am interested in getting the washcloths and the detergent as well, thanks for the info!

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