My Current Everyday Makeup Routine (Winter 2020)

Here is my current, everyday make up routine. I prefer a neutral and natural look that is quick to apply. You’ll notice below, that I focus a lot on the skin and skin make up. I believe this *makes* an entire make up look. I talk about my foundation cocktail: I use a total of 3 foundations and 2 primers but it gives the bestttt look. I spend 75% of the time brightening my ender eyes and laying a smooth canvas of make up to illuminate and reduce the size of my pores; then, I relatively quickly finish it up brows, eyes and cheeks. Also, I love drugstore finds for brows, eyes, and cheeks but when it comes to skin, I like to use high-quality products because I’ve found this reduces my breakouts. I hope you can find a product or two below that works well with your make up routine!




This is the first product I apply. It is different than concealer… this brightens your under eyes and makes me look way more bright-eyed and awake than I usually feel. I use my ring finger to apply.

PRIMER | here

I apply this illuminating primer all over. It’s not glittery but it does give you a more luminous look. You can even test on the back of your hand and see what a difference it makes.


I have a few foundations I use and tend to apply a “foundation cocktail” meaning I always apply more than one. I only use this when I want medium to full coverage. I swipe this stick 2-3x on each cheek, 2x on my chin, 3x on my forehead and 1x down my nose. Then….

CC CREAM | here

I apply 2 small drops of the CC cream as well as 2 pumps of the foundation below onto a damp beauty blender sponge. If I’m just going to the gym or don’t want to wear much make up, I use this CC cream on it’s own.


This foundation gives such a beautiful color and luminous finish but it’s a bit less coverage (medium). At this point, I have foundation lines all over my face and a mixture of both the CC Cream and this foundation on my beauty blender sponge. Then…


I add this over the top of the foundation on the beauty blender sponge. This primer is a game changer and I got a tip from a blogger to apply this after foundation or mixed in because it gives your face a filtered look. It really does. It smooths and blurs. I have large pores and this reduces the appearance. After I have this foundation cocktail ready, I apply directly to my face with the beauty blender.


In the winter, this is my favorite concealer. I use my ring finger again to pat this under my eyes. This one in particular gives a very glowy (but not sparkly), warm look.


This is the most beautiful setting powder – worth the splurge and it’s lasted me over a year. It brightens up your face and I really notice a difference compared to other setting powders I have.


Next, I outline + fill in my brows. I use 2 eye brown pencils. This is the one I use everyday… it is ideal for “beginners” because it’s thick and has a crayon consistency so you can goof up and smudge to fill in.


This is the pencil I use on occasion or when I have more time. It’s a very thin tip so you can get precise swipes and it looks very much like eyebrow hairs. A little less forgiving but an amazing result if you’re good at brows.

BROW GEL | here

After I fill in my brows, I use this clear gel to set the hairs because my eyebrows get crazy. When I’m lazy, I don’t fill in my brows and I just get them in a decent shape with this gel.


This is 1 of 2 of my most-used eyeshadow palettes. This is the honey palette, which has beautiful shades of golden brown.


This is a beautiful, natural palette with neutral colors and some purple-ish shades.

BRONZER | here

I swear by this bronzer. Just a little bit gives you the most naturally tan color. I have the mini size and it’s lasting me forever!


Drugstore find! I’ve used this for years and years. I apply this to my beauty blender or even use my fingers to apply to my cheeks as blush. It’s a beautiful pink color and illuminating.


I use this eyeliner and have since high school. It’s quick and easy, but the key is to take a smudge brush to blend it out so it looks super natural.


Game changer! My primer + mascara combo is so good, I wrote an entire blog post on it HERE

MASCARA | here

Game changer, part II! My primer + mascara combo is so good, I wrote an entire blog post on it HERE


I finish with this setting spray for make up that lasts all day.

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