Total Body Workout (to get your frustration out & feel happier)

Ever have a day where you feel your frustrations building up slowly but surely?! Your patience gets thinner and thinner. You know you need a release yet snapping at your significant other or best friend will only make it worse. Working out probably feels like the absolute last thing that you want to do but whatever… you’re willing to try it to feel happier and like yourself again.

^I just described myself today.

My overwhelm was through the roof and my to-do list was only getting longer. I decided to workout and focus on exercises that I knew were great for stress-relief.

This workout helped lift my mood so much that I knew I wanted to share today.

They key is the combination of intense weight training movements that require strength and grit as well as cardiovascular moves that promote an endorphin-rush. 

Here is the workout! Be sure to save this one for future use too hehe.

I should mention that in these exercise demo pics, I am using a barbell but if you only have dumbbells available that is a perfectly find substitution!

lauren gleisberg doing a stress relief workout in lululemon outfit

My husband and I are leaving tomorrow (Monday) at 230 AM for the airport – hello 5 am flight. We are flying back to Wisconsin and will be there for all of 48 hours.

As stressed as I’m getting about all I need to get done for work before we leave, prepping for care for Leo (we aren’t thank him) and just life, I’m trying to keep in mind what really matters in life. 

Jumping off to hug my family a little tighter today…

Have a great day and an amazing week.

All my love,


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