Total Body Home Workout (#LGFitmas Day 33) – 12/25

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Thoughtful Thursday Tip: Are total body workouts effective? You may be surprised to see a total body workout posted on my blog. When it comes to weight training, I like to stick to 1-3 muscles groups, which is what you see on here. This approach is effective because as we workout, we tear muscle fibers, which then yield results when the muscles are built back up through recovery in the form of nutrition and rest. Total body workouts, in my opinion, aren’t as effective for building a fit body because the depth to which muscles are stimulated and broken down isn’t to the extent of when one or few muscles is targeted. Still, I do like to include a total body workout on occasion, especially with just using body weight resistance; it’s a great way to switch up targeting the muscles and it will also incorporate cardio into a workout without adding a typical cardio workout.
Day 33 Challenge: (( CELEBRATE )) No matter what holiday you celebrate, I bet you have some celebration photos (decor, presents, outfits, family photos, etc.) and I would love to see them!

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