all have those days in which time seems to fly by as the tasks keep piling up.
Fortunately, exercise is something that we can take with us on our busy days. Here
is a total body/cardio workout for all you busy-bees that can be done in your
apartment or dorm room!
lunge jumps to squat:
with your right leg forward, left leg back. Lunge down and jump up, landing
with your left leg forward and right leg back in a lunge position. Then, jump
into a squat position with both feet parallel, hip width apart and get into a
deep squat. From there jump back into your lunge and repeat the sequence 12-15
45-60 seconds. 
burpee to jump squat:
in a plank position and do a push-up (“girl” push-ups are okay, but try to at
least begin on your feet and not knees for the first few reps). Bend elbows,
coming down into a push-up and straighten. Jump feet close to hands and jump
out into a squat position, jumping up as high as you can and landing in a squat
position. Jump back into a plank position and repeat the sequence 12-15 times.
45-60 seconds.
push ups to mountain climbers:
in a standing straddle position with feet wider than hip width apart and bend
over, touching your hands to the floor. Bend at the elbow to resemble a push-up
position – this should engage your shoulder muscles – and push back up. Hop
your feet back into a plank position and do mountain climbers: alternating
feet, bringing your knee into chest and back out. Do 2-3 pushups and 6-8
mountain climbers PER REP, repeat the sequence 7-10 times.
90 seconds (or more if needed) and repeat the circuit. 
circuit 3-5 times. Keep in mind, its perfectly okay to personalize this workout
to fit your needs – if you are a beginner, you may want to decrease the reps
and perform only 2 circuits, whereas if you are more advanced, feel free to up
the reps or take shorter rest periods. Enjoy getting your fitness on from the
convenience of your own home!

As always, I recommend getting in your HUMAPRO after this for great recovery!

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