Top 5 Supplements that I take Every Day

Should I be taking supplements daily? If so, which ones?! Navigating the supplement aisle (or online shopping department: my preference) can be an overwhelming task. Over the past decade, I’ve experimented with more than my fair share of daily supplements. I feel really good about my daily line up, so I wanted to share.

Just a note – everyone’s needs are different. My daily supplements support my goals of feeling energized, boosting my immune system, promoting an effective workout and muscle recovery, and sleeping well. If you have similar goals on a daily basis, hopefully you will find this

1. PRE-WORKOUT: Pre (here)

Hands down this is my most used product. First thing to note is that there is a huge difference between caffeine (ie: coffee) and a pre-workout supplement like this one. Pre-workout products have specific ingredients designed to enhance physical performance, muscle pump and recovery.
For over 3 years, I was pregnant, nursing, pregnant again and nursing again, so I could not use a pre-workout. A few months ago, I was able to try this and saw the night and day difference between coffee and this pre-workout. I have so much focused energy and increased stamina during my workouts.
My favorite flavor of the pre-workout is passion fruit and I take it about 30 minutes prior to lifting.
HERE is a blog post I wrote all on why I love taking a pre-workout supplement
lauren gleisberg vital proteins pre preworkout

2. COLLAGEN: Classic Collagen Peptides, Unflavored (here)

This daily supplement list is going in order of my day because after I take my pre-workout and workout, I usually make a smoothie for breakfast. Or, if I have a bigger breakfast, I’ll have a smoothie as a morning snack/lunch hybrid. I use collagen peptides in my smoothies because it provides all the collagen benefits (hair, skin, nails, joint + gut health) plus providing even more protein.
My most used collagen product and the one I think gives the biggest bang for your buck is the classic collagen peptides that are unflavored. You can add them to any warm or cold drink (coffeee, smoothies, soups, etc.) to get the benefits without changing the taste.
HERE is a blog post I wrote on all the benefits I notice from using collagen


3. IMMUNE SUPPORT: Vitality (here)

This is a newer product from Vital Proteins and I began using it daily during this Covid-19 crisis. I was actually fascinated by the nutrition profile.
Here’s a summarized list:

  • Collagen: the body’s most abundant protein that we product less and less of as we age
  • Amino Acids: play a role in regulating key pathways of the immune response
  • Vitamin C + Zinc: antioxidants that protect against cell damage
  • Electrolytes: support fluid balance, energy balance + immune system support
  • B Vitamins: ensures the body’s cells (ie: immune cells) are functioning properly
  • Wellmune + Immuno-LP20: these key ingredients are actually clinically proven to support the immune system (without overstimulation!) .

This is, in my opinion, the best tasting Vital Proteins product out there. It comes in Orange (zesty) + Lemon Grape (subtle yet refreshing). I drink this every afternoon.
lauren gleisberg vital proteins immune support supplement vitality

4. ENERGY BOOST: Collagen Energy Shot (here)

A new favorite of mine. These are little collagen energy shots… I mean literally a cute, little shot that you can just pop into your purse. They’re packed with 7 grams of collagen and caffeine sourced from sustainably-sourced coffee fruit extract.
I take a pre-workout for energy in the AM but every afternoon, I like just a little bit of a boost. This is perfect because there is 90 mg of caffeine (comparable to about 1 cup of coffee). Plus, there is 60 mg of hyaluronic acid which is amazing for supporting skin hydration and elasticity.
lauren gleisberg vital proteins collagen shot energy

5. SLEEP SUPPORT: Feeling Zen (here)

Before bed, my mind seems to pick up with ideas. I find it very hard to “turn off.”
This product is a plant-based capsule that combines organic ashwagandha root extract, L-Theanine, GABA and magnesium. All of those ingredients are great for calmness and relaxation.
I’ve always stayed away from sleep meds and opted for more natural alternatives because the ones I’ve tried leave me feeling groggy the next morning. This product in particular calms my mind and helps me relax into a really natural, great sleep. I wake up feeling rested and energized the next AM. I can’t recommend this enough!
lauren gleisberg vital proteins feeling zen sleep supplement
It’s certainly not new news that I am a huge fan of Vital Proteins and their products. I first started taking their collagen yearssss ago and continue to choose Vital because they truly provide the best quality products on the market. It can be overwhelming finding supplements that are beneficial enough to buy and even harder to trust a brand. Over the past few years, Vital Proteins has nailed their product offerings, so I hope you enjoyed this update on the 5 products I use most.
Thank you to Vital Proteins for sponsoring this post. You certainly know all opinions are my own and I absolutely love these products.

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