Calling all fit chicks who need a good dry shampoo. Scratch that… the best dry shampoo! I recently found this dry shampoo that allows me to keep my hair looking clean and oil free even after a sweaty workout or days without washing. This dry shampoo really is worth every penny.

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Before I carry on any longer, let me just add in that I was not paid to say any of this. This post is not sponsored. Although, I certainly would love it to be because I would buy 100 bottles of this stuff. Still going for that dream job of a Lululemon, Starbucks (and now a Living Proof) sponsored life! Has anyone else seen this meme… it gets me every time lol. 
Don’t get grossed out. Well, if you do then maybe we just shouldn’t be friends because this is the real me… I wash my hair 1.5 times a week. Thats abouttt every 4-ish days. If I’m super lazy, it’s longer. If I’m on my game forced to by my husband then it’s more like 3 days. 
I have thick, wavy hair and if I wash it too often, my scalp get dry and itchy. I get a little oil at the roots especially as I approach that 3-4 days of no wash time frame. Still, my biggest issue is that after an intense workout, I’m sweaty and my hair needs help.
Now, there are some days when it’ 100 degrees and humid in Texas and for some crazy reason, I decided to workout in my non-air conditioned garage gym. My hair looks like I just jumped in a pool and no amount of dry shampoo will work. You know those days?! Yeah…. go for a traditional wash.
On the days your hair get sweaty along your hairline but is fine otherwise orrrr on the mornings you could sleep an extra 20 minutes if you could skip a hair wash, try out this dry shampoo.
Which one is it…
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo (this one) has my vote. 
I’ve tried probably between 20-30 different types of dry shampoos from powders to foam and spray… drugstore finds, overly priced department store ones. I’ve found a few I liked in the past, but recently I saw this one popping up time and time again.
I would see it as “Allure’s Best of Whatever” pick. A blogger I follow would post about it. I saw it in YouTube reviews. I basically kept seeing it until I finally said to myself “heck, why not try a 33rd dry shampoo.”
I tried it and like it. I researched a bit on it and found one tweak to make it work even better. Then, I ended up loving it!
So, the claim is this dry shampoo is the only one one the market that actually “cleans” as opposed to just “masking the oils.” Read on for the science summary.
SCIENCE ON WHY THIS DRY SHAMPOO IS THE BEST (yes, this part won the nerd in me over)
I know dumbbells and deadlift but dry shampoo is a bit out of my realm so this information is what I’ve gathered off of the internet. 
Evidently, the majority of dry shampoos simply absorb oil from our hair but don’t actually remove the dirt, sweat and grease. In the Living Proof dry shampoo there’s some *magical* ingredient they call OFPMA, which is some molecule that coats the hair to remove the powder, dirt and oil. 
I read about this process and it goes something like this: spray on dry shampoo, this molecule attaches to the hair, something in it absorbs the oil, another something traps oder, hydrated silica (I remembered that one because I though how cool!) absorbs the sweat, and time-released fragrances are applied to the hair.
This OFPMA molecule is like a little bug that attaches to the hair and releases the powders that complete the process I quickly summarized above. I read the difference is that this dry shampoo goes a step further. Apparently, other ones will absorb oil and even when brushed, a lot of that reside is left behind at the root giving the hair an icky texture. This one is supposed to completely brush out and leave a slick, tephlon-like layer behind on the hair strand. 
The bottle says to let the spray sit for 30 seconds then brush it out. 
First off, definitely hold the bottle far enough away from your hair so you don’t get that white look in your hair (I’m blonde so that isn’t as big of an issue for me as it is those with dry hair). Then, don’t just wait 30 seconds. Leave it for several minutes; I let it sit on my hair for 3-5 minutes. 
Quick Note: don’t freak out if the mist looks white in your hair because I noticed that a tiny bit in mine but it brushed out 
SCENT: I’m not overly crazy about highly scented products and I like that this smells nice without being overpowering. 
RESIDUE: I still feel a little tiny bit of a texture after using the product but I think that’s because I’m hyper aware of that. If someone sprayed this on my hair without my knowledge I probably wouldn’t be able to tell. It’s not the icky kind of residue feel, which is awesome.
VOLUME + SHINE: most dry shampoos I’ve used absorb oil but then my hair looks a bit lifeless. I fell that this product gives my hair a little pep. It’s shine and there’s a little umf (how do you spell that sound “oomf” haha?!) basically, there’s some nice volume too!
CLEAN: hands down the best part is that my hair actually feels clean. Even with the dry shampoos I’ve liked, my hair doesn’t feel clean it just looks it. I’ll hop in the shower to wash up, spray this in my hair, brush it out a few minutes later and it feels like a wash + blow out. 
BOTTOM LINE: it’s still no substitute for an actual hair wash but it comes pretty close in my opinion
ONLY CON: price! It’s in the $20-ish range which I feel is high for a dry shampoo but not all that overly prices to keep me from purchasing. I’m only on my first bottle (and it’s been a few months!) so hopefully this stuff lasts long.
Has anyone else tried this product? What do you think?? I would love to hear in the comments!

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