When I first got into all of this healthy lifestyle, my first 3 steps wen’t something like this: 

Daily workout – check!

Improved eating habits – check!

Supplements – do I need that too?! Which ones?? Holy cow, there’s a lot of protein powder options. Why is this stuff so pricy?! *confusion* *overwhelm*

That’s a pretty common question and it comes up a lot when we kick off a new challenge here, so I wanted to address it today and help you sort through all the stuff out there.


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Want my honest take? You don’t need them. Truly! I don’t work for/with any supplement companies because that’s what I truly believe. They’re not necessary. I know the marketing they do will make you feel like you absolutely need x, y and z but I don’t think you do.

In fact, I’ve gone through phases (up to a year!) when I didn’t take a single supplement and another year where I used 5+ different supplements. The difference?! Nothing noticeable. Everything I notice physically has to do with the effort I put into my workouts and how well I can stick to my healthy eating habits.

Why do I take some from time to time? Convenience! Protein powder is super convenient when I’m in a pinch. A pre-workout helps pump me up before a workout but I don’t need them to see results.

I especially like to share this for financial reasons. You could spend a few hundred dollars on supplements per month and if that money could be better allocated in your life, I don’t want you or anyone to feel that’s something you need in order to be healthy.

I’m going to share a post on 5 supplements that fit chicks commonly use. I’ll discuss them and give you my honest opinion!


lauren Gleisberg wearing a mesh sports bra and Lululemon shorts

Protein is probably the most popular supplement. It’s also the only one I consider a true staple. Again, I don’t need a protein powder to get fit and lean. I can consume protein through food but it’s a staple for me because in a busy world, it’s easy.

I know you can relate to this… a hectic morning. The alarm goes off and you think – should I get to the gym or should I try to get a bit more sleep?! I’m answering an email while putting on make up. I’m more focused on feeding my baby than I am myself. Protein is so easy to throw into a blender along with some other things to have a smoothie for breakfast.

You know what I mean?! It makes life a little bit easier and that’s how I see it! 

If you’re like me and like a protein supplement, I want to help you make an informed decision on the best option for you.

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