As a fun post on this Thursday, I am sharing what’s in my online shopping cart for workout gear. I keep tabs open on my browser with different shopping carts. Is anyone else like this… you add a bunch of items to your shopping cart as if you were given a free shopping spree. Then, slowly you click “remove from cart” over and over as you come back to reality. Haha! That’s totally me! 

Here is my what’s currently in my online shopping cart. It’s my spring wishlist for various workout items.

Hands down, these in black were my favorite winter purchase. I loved them so much, I did an entire blog post on these leggings haha and no, it wasn’t at all sponsored. I have been back and forth whether or not I could pull of a pair of white leggings; I’ve seen them on ladies at my gym and they are surprisingly not see through and look super cute in person. So, I might take a chance on these for warmer temps.
A week or so ago on Snapchat, I shared my recent short struggle. Lately, nothing is fitting over my growing butt (didn’t the baby get the memo he only needs room in the belly lol) and all my current shorts are looking inappropriately too short. These shorts were the clear community pick winner of best shorts out there and I love the price too!
3. PINK BOSU (here)
I’ve wanted this forever (and who could resist pink). I’ve always used a boss ball a few times per week: ab exercises, push ups: decline and incline, round side and flat, lunges, squats, cardio moves and more. I would love to add one to my home gym since it’s a smaller piece of equipment I could easily store away. 
4. GRAY SNEAKERS (on sale… in gray here, in black here)
Just like the moto leggings that I over-wear, you’ve probably seen me wearing the life out of these sneakers. I have them in 3 colors. They’re lightweight and look great with my workout clothes or a pair of jeans. These are already pretty reasonable priced and you can often find them on sale. I really want them in the gray color way, so it’s currently sitting in my online shopping cart. 
I was gifted a Swell water bottle a Christmas or two ago from POPSUGAR and I’m still using it. I hope there isn’t some sort of expiration on them haha. They’re the same concept as a Yeti with the “keeps your water cool for 24 hours.” I’ve tested it here in this hot and humid Houston weather and it works. They do have a pretty high price point, which is why I haven’t bought myself one yet. I really love the shape and adorable patterns, so I might splurge on this… it’s an investment in my hydration, right?!
These were on my March Favorites because my hair is so thick that the second I put it in a pony tail, I get that annoying crimp mark. And as someone who doesn’t wash her hair more than once or twice a week (seriously! lol), I was searching for a hair tie that didn’t do that. I purchased these in nude but would like a fun color. 
This is a little bit of post-baby dreaming/goal setting I guess lol. I love the look of workout crop tops paired with high waisted leggings. 
8. HOODED VEST (in gray here, in white here)
At just $16 this was definitely a throw it in the shopping cart item! Years ago, I had a short sleeve hooded sweatshirt that was one of my favorite items. I was also thinking this may be a good option wear over a gym crop top if I have to run an errand after. 

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