Balance – it’s the “it” word in the health and fitness space right now. You’ve heard me preach about it for years. Go figure… I have a few surprising and sassy thoughts on the whole idea of balance. Read on!

Balance is so hard to define that I almost don’t even want to attempt to put into words what I think balance is. I think that’s so because balance means a little something different to each of us. For me, balance is a state of being in which everything seems to flow and harmonize but it’s always evolving. There are seasons that require us to spend more time at work or that allow us more time with our families. Balance almost doesn’t need a written explanation; we all know what it feels like but we don’t always know how to maintain it.
Of all that I’ve read on balance, nothing compares to the very best advice I received from my husband on the topic. It’s so damn simple but so effective. And I’ll share it below.
I would say that I am doing a better and better job every week with finding and maintaining balance in my life. A lot of it came thanks to the recent advice my husband gave me. He actually told me this about 2 months ago and repeats it to me often.
I work a lotttt and did so the week before and after I had my baby. I was juggling being a new mom and taking care of myself and my needs. I felt like I was failing at everything. I vented to my husband. I remember tears were pouring down my face. He listened and let me get it all out.
Then, he smiled at me and said: “you’re doing great at everything. Just stop thinking about it.”
I remember looking at him like “what the fuck do you mean stop thinking about it. What kind of advice is that?!”
That more I thought about it (haha exactly what I wasn’t supposed to do), the more it made sense. We are truly our own worst enemy at times, especially us women!
Imagine this… you have a to-do list with tasks and each day, you simply do your best at getting them done. You don’t stop to think “ugh, I didn’t do that well” or “look how much isn’t getting done.” You literally don’t think. You just do what you can. You enjoy the moment. You don’t analyze. You let go of all those negative thoughts!
How amazing would that feel?!
Anthony was so right! If I just told myself I was succeeding at life and I didn’t think anything else, I probably would feel more balance. And I did. I simply let go of all the thoughts that told me otherwise.
Bottom line… don’t think to doubt yourself, worry or stress. Don’t use brain power on any of that.

KEY WORDS + HOT TOPICS SELL (don’t be tricked!)

You want to know why that is so hard? Money makers!
Two hot topics that pop in my head from this past year are “self love” and “balance.” They’re obviously popular simply because they’re undoubtedly both so important. But, with that comes companies who know they can make a whole lot of money of it.
The reason we find balance so hard to discover and maintain is because we are constantly thinking about it! It’s splashed all over the cover of magazines, selling you on the exact way to find balance. It’s talked about by every. single. person. There’s sooo much out there on “how to find balance” and we are convinced we need some elaborate plan.
Strangely enough, I’ve found the best plan is no plan. The best thought on balance is no thought.
Yes, there are tips and tricks that are great to discover. And I would agree that those who remind us of the importance of balance are helpful.
Yet, I’ve found the best way to achieve balance is through less!
I’m going to end this post suggesting that you leave and don’t think about this post. Don’t think more about balance. Let your thoughts go and simply carry on with your next task at hand!
Sending you so much love! XO

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