Ritual Multivitamin Review: My Honest Thoughts

Let’s talk about… multivitamins. Chances are that you’ve seen this product before if you’re on social media. For me, that is how I first discovered the multivitamin brand I use and love: Ritual. I kept seeing it everywhere. It seemed like everyone was loving this aesthetically pleasing multivitamin, so I looked further into it to see if it was the real deal or just hype. I’ll get right to it… it is the real deal. If you’re searching for a quality multivitamin to support a healthy lifestyle, I’ll explain more on why I love the Ritual multivitamins.

Full disclosure… I now work as a Ritual partner. Of course, all of the opinions shared here are my own and I like to point out that I purchased Ritual products on my own before ever working with them! Now, I enjoy working with them because of how passionate I became in their company and products.

ritual multivitamin

For me, it’s all about TRUST!

I first found Ritual when I was looking for a prenatal. When I researched prenatals and asked sources I trusted, I kept getting a common answer, which was  Ritual Ritual Ritual. When I was pregnant, I was probably most concerned with the quality and safety of products as well as the trustworthiness of brands. I was drawn to Ritual as a company for that exact reason.

Ritual is a female founded company- love that! Founder, Katerina Schneider realized while pregnant herself that a lot of prenatal vitamins were missing the ingredients she wanted. Thus, she created her own… Ritual. Her goal was to create a brand and vitamin that’s backed by science with quality ingredients. Ritual prides themselves on the traceability of their ingredients and is very transparent.

On Ritual’s website you can look into each and every ingredient to see where the ingredient is from (worldwide), the form, source and what the function of the ingredient is. Check it out here:

And, the quality of their products and ingredients isn’t just “talk.” You know I’m a science nerd and love facts…. Ritual’s Essential for Women Multivitamin 18+ is USP certified. If you’re not familiar, being USP certified is a huge deal… The United States Pharmacopeia sets one of the highest bars for product quality and potency, verifying things like the key ingredient amounts, a vitamin’s ability to break down to be available for absorption, and a careful review of impurities like heavy metals and other unwanted ingredients. 

ritual multivitamin

Multivitamins For Every Age + Stage

Ritual offers multivitamins for various ages and stages of life:  Essential for Women 18+, Essential for Women 50+, Essential for Men 18+, Essential for Men 50+, Essential for Teens for Her 13-17, Essential for Teens for Him 13-17, Essential for Teens for Kids $+, Essential for Her Prenatals and even Postnatals (genius!!). I love that there is something for everyone… I use the Women 18+, my husband uses the Men 18+ and my older son, Leo loves the kid’s gummy multivitamin.

Like I said, I use the Essential for Women Multivitamin 18+.  It retails for $30 and gets you a full month (I do have a code LG10, which gets you 10% off your first 3 months), which comes out to less than $1/day with my discount, which is a priceless investment to be frank.

Other things I loved when I first tried it… they offer a 30 day money back guarantee which I felt I had nothing really to “lose” trying them out. Of course, I fell in love with the product and appreciated the fact that you can do a monthly membership. It is free to start and you can control your delivery date and also cancel very easily if you ever want to stop or take a break.



When I was in college and diving deeper into health, I knew that vitamins and nutrients were the foundation to support a healthy lifestyle. I saw the benefit in taking a vitamin supplement but I will admit… I took EVERY vitamin under the sun, thinking more is better. I’ve come to learn that less is more. Supplements are just that; they are intended to supplement and fill in the nutrient gaps.*

Did you know that you can get plenty of vitamins from your daily diet? For example, I am pretty confident that I am consuming a sufficient amount of Vitamin C, so I don’t need a Vitamin C supplement. My favorite thing about Ritual and why I recommend them is because they’re a thoughtful multivitamin. They look at where the dietary gaps are and design their supplements to help fill those gaps.

Click HERE to sign up for Ritual today!



  • Affordable – as I talked about above, the price breaks down to $1/day for vitamins to help support nutrient gaps (I used to spend $100+/month of vitamins I was already getting through my food).
  • Iron- Essential for Woman Multivitamin 18+ contains iron which is huge for me and something I’ve learned that is pretty common to run low in 
  • Transparency – Ritual has “traceable ingredients” and allows you to read into every ingredient on their website. They are non-GMO, Vegan, and have no shady ingredients. I’m very careful of the products I take (especially daily) and I truly trust in this brand and the products they have
  • Ritual offers a 30 day guarantee which I love about any company. To me, it shows how strongly the brand believes in their product and also for a consumer like you or myself, it allows us to try a product and really see if we like it without having to worry.
  • Easy cancellation – because I love the convenience of memberships, I also appreciate that if for any reason I want to cancel or take a break, all that is required is a simple phone call which takes a minute.
  • Ritual multivitamins help support a healthy lifestyle; to me, health is wealth and something I really prioritize

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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