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^because of the bright lighting, this photo doesn’t show the tan color but it does show the glow that comes from the product so I wanted to include it 🙂


What tanning drops? THESE tanning drops!

These are the self tanning drops I’ve been using on my face and body for the easiest, most natural glow. About a month ago, I posted an IG story saying that I purchased a cleaner, more natural facial self tanner (I now also use it on my body) and since then I get asked every… single… day about them! AND (you guys are so sweet), you’re always sending messages that it looks like my skin is glowing… it’s 110% the drops and not me lol. Let’s get to the review

Again, THESE are the tanning drops. The brand is Isle of Paradise.
I purchased mine from Sephora. They sell out fast but then come back in stock quickly so keep an eye out and order them if you see them available. I say that because I haven’t been able to order another since my first purchase, which is a bit annoying but I guess it reinforces they’re that good.
You mix them right into your moisturizer or lotion and apply as you normally would to your face and body. 
Quick Background: I am crazy about self tanner. This is definitely the Wisconsin girl in me… we went so long without that summer sun, so I desperately tried to stay tan year round. I’ve tried just about every product out there.
Even now, living in Texas, I just feel better with a tan. However, as I get older, I crave a more natural, subtle tan (which is very hard to achieve with self tanner).
I previously shared a FULL SELF TANNER REVIEW -> HERE  (these are the “more traditional” self tanners but since purchasing these drops, I haven’t used any of those a single time)
The real reason I wanted to try out these tanning drops is because I have NEVER found a facial self tanner that I liked and that didn’t cause me to break out. 
I use these tanning drops on my face and body. Absolutely zero breakout or irritation.
They’re so easy to apply because you mix them right into your moisturizer, so it really doesn’t add much work to your routine. Previously, I would have to “gear up” to apply self tanner but with this product, I add a few drops to my lotion, apply, wash my hands and I’m done.
I used my regular facial moisturizer and body lotion. Nothing special. It does make it a tiny bit more “liquidy” – naturally but it still applies like lotion. 
There is also no scent, which is pretty unique. I take that back… there is a tiny scent but a good one. It would almost remind you of a beach product but definitely not that typical self tanner scent.  
THE RESULTS: I definitely notice a natural glow that develops quickly. In fact, I love how quickly it develops because sometimes I’ll apply in the AM, do my make up and by mid-day, I already tell I look like I laid out by the pool for a few hours. 
The color is really beautiful, especially on my face. It’s not orange, rather that natural bronze that I feel every self tanner aims for but doesn’t exactly hit.
Honestly… you sweet ladies have been more of a testimonial than me. The day after I first applied, I posted an IG story (talking bout something else) and literally had 20-30 DMs asking if I tried the tanning drops because I looked bronzed and glowing. 

  • most beautiful color (especially on face!)
  • produces a natural glow not just a tan
  • quick + easy application
  • the bottle lasts a long time
  • no typical self tanner scent


  • can’t purchase on Amazon
  • often sold out

^yes, those are really my only 2 cons lol
PRODUCT REVIEW SCORE: 10/10 (and I don’t give 10s easily)
The tanning drops are available in light, medium and dark and the directions suggest to use 1-12 drops depending on the color you’re trying to achieve.
COLOR: my initial instinct was to purchase the medium shade bottle. However, the more reviews I read, the more suggestions I saw to purchase the dark and use less drops. I am really happy I went with the dark. I would be interested in trying the medium to compare but dark definitely isn’t “dark.” To me, it’s a beautiful, bronze that looks super natural.  
NUMBER OF DROPS USED: like I mentioned, the suggestion is 1-12. For my first application, I mixed 4 drops with my moisturizer to use on my face and then mixed 6 in with my lotion to use on my body. It was honestly perfect for me. I now do 4-5 on my face and 5-6 on my body, but read my application tips below for how I do an “application” vs “re-application.”
You know the usual self-tanning application suggestions…

  • exfoliate 24 hours prior to application
  • apply to clean, shaved body 

Yeah, okay… I don’t do that; I just apply after I shower or after I have just washed my face haha.
I begin with my face… I mix my 4-5 drops into 2 pumps of my facial moisturizer. I apply the moisturizer as I normally would BUT I also make sure that I go down my neck, onto my chest and I also carry the lotion onto my ears/back of neck. 
I then mix 5-6 drops into my body lotion and apply as I normally would. It’s so easy! I wash my hands and wait to start glowing lol.
I would say the facial tanner lasts 3-5 days. On day 3, I can tell it’s not as bronzed/glowing and then by day 5, it’s pretty much gone. The tan on my body actually tends to last a bit longer.
I think it’s because my facial skincare routine is a lot more intense and naturally exfoliates/rubs off the tanner. I get a pretty solid week out of the body tanner but I’m not real worried about it fading, especially because I’m mostly in long sleeves and pants this time of the year. 
I “re-apply” on Day 4, which is just a less intense version of my application. I am specifically calling it a reapplication because I have tried using my initial quantity and I noticed that the tan was not as natural looking. 
RE-APPLICATION: 2 drops (cut initial application in half)
For example: on Sunday, I’ll do an application to my face and body and on Thursday, I’ll do a re-application on my face. Then, Sunday back to the face and body application. Does that make sense?!
I feel like I made this a very serious post on… self tanner lol. BUT, I honestly love these drops and wanted to share an in depth product review on them!

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  1. Miranda

    Loved this post, thank you for sharing!
    With that, I’d love to know about your skincare routine as well as the products you use! You always have such a natural glowing beauty!

    • Lauren Gleisberg

      Hi Miranda! That would make for a wonderful post as well – thank you!! 🙂 XO

  2. Nikki

    Based on your fantastic review I just ordered the Isle of Paradise drops in Dark plus the Mousse in Medium from prettylittlethings.com and I am SO excited to try them!! I love your blog, workouts and meal plans (I’m a lifetime member and it’s worth every penny ladies!). You are such a huge inspiration for me in all areas 🙂
    Keep being awesome Lauren!! XOXO

    • Lauren Gleisberg

      Nikki – you’re so sweet to leave those kind words! Thank you!

  3. Maria

    Loving your site! Do you not transfer of color/tanning product to your clothing? TIA

    • Lauren Gleisberg

      Hi Maria! I’ve never had any transfer to my clothing or sheets with these tanning drops XO

  4. Victoria Gour

    Hi! So when you put it on your body, how do you know you’re getting the right amount of lotion for your whole body…? I always apply lotion to my body in sections so this part confuses me a little. I hope that makes sense!!

    • Lauren Gleisberg

      So I put the lotion in my hands, add the drops and then I rub my hands together to mix it up a bit. As you apply your lotion, you likely moisturize evenly over your body, which would mean the tanner will apply evenly. I don’t overthink it at all and it turns out great!

  5. Shannon

    Hey Lauren, thanks for this post! So helpful 🙂 One question, have you noticed the tan rub off on your sheets at all? Thanks in advance!

  6. Shannon

    Hey Lauren, thanks for this review! I’m hoping to snag these and this was so helpful! One question- have you noticed that the tan rubs off on your sheets at all? Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Lauren Gleisberg

      Hi Shannon! Glad you found it helpful. I too am hoping to snag another bottle soon lol. I have not had one instance of the tanner rubbing off and I have white sheets. XO

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