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As you know, my dream job is to become an unprofessional, professional product reviewer ;):) In all seriousness… I am a product junkie and obsessed with sharing all the things I love and a few things I think you should steer clear of. I love mixing mostly affordable finds with a few high end splurges.

Here I will be sharing all the product links I mention on social media.

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women's apl techloom bliss sneaker lauren gleisberg


These are my current favorite sneakers! First off… HERE is a blog post on all my favorite sneakers for each specific workout and HERE is a blog post of an in depth product review on if APL sneakers are worth it. These particular sneakers… so worth it! I’ve never worn a pair more than I have worn these. They’re cute, functional and not everyone at your gym will be wearing these.



I’ve been using mini bands quite often in my workouts and these are the exact ones I use. I’ve had them for several months and they’ve held up very well. If I am being honest… I am a sucker for cute things and I purchased these for the colors haha.


The most comfortable slide ons I own. The sole seems to be molded to your foot for ultimate comfort. The platform is such a cute twist yet they’re very functional. I was hesitant on an all white shoe but these have held up when put to the test (and marks wipe right off). They fit TTS; I am a size 9 and bought a size 9.


abercrombie and fitch half zip sherpa sweatshirt


If you follow me on social, you know I wear this practically every other day. It’s the coziest sweatshirt I own and I’ve gotten more use out of this one piece than any other item purchased this year. I am normally a size XS but bought this in a S because I prefer the oversized fit.



I took a chance on ordering clothing for Amazon and couldn’t be more pleased! I am a sucker for a sophisticated, elegant, collared top. The pearl detail is so cute and feminine. The fit of this top is “boxy” but I find it’s super flattering to wear as is or with a front tuck into skinny jeans. Fits TTS. I ordered a small. 

ALSO, when you click the link, there are a few pearl options, I bought color: Black-1 (pearls lining the collar)


cropped hoodie lauren gleisberg


Another Amazon Prime find! I love cropped hoodies with high waisted leggings but I don’t like my stomach to show. I ordered a medium (I am normally a XS-S) so that it would be longer. It’s great and doesn’t show my tummy. I also like that it’s lightweight. I wear it to the gym as well as when I’m running errands.


amazon ruffle top lauren gleisberg


My favorite Amazon Prime fashion find so far! This top is amazing quality. It’s so chic looking. I love the high neck and ruffle details. I am normally a size XS-S and in this I ordered a S; it fit perfectly but I would suggest ordering up because it’s form-fitting. I want it in another color that’s how much I love it!

best amazon bed sheets lauren gleisbergREVIEW:

These are the bedsheets I’ve talked about for well over a year. THOUSANDS of you have purchased these too and rave about them like I do. They have almost 50,000 positive reviews. They’re so good, I wrote an entire blog post on them HERE If you want the short… they’re the most luxurious $25 bed sheets you’ll ever get your hands on. 


tyler's laundry detergent diva lauren gleisberg


Because you know how obsessed I am with my bedsheets (above); this takes the experience to the next level. This is a splurge product that is well worth it. DO NOT use this on your day-to-day laundry; then, it will last you well over a year. I use this exclusively on our bedsheets, towels and guest linens. Expect to receive a compliment on the scent from EVERYONE! No exaggeration every guest we have asks, “what laundry detergent do you use?!” When I hop in bed after using this, it’s as if I am at a spa. I sound ridiculous but you too will be singing praises after using this. It’s a treat yourself product.

bravado designs nursing bra lauren gleisberg


I am often asked which nursing bra I use. Just so you know my buying style… I mix high and low end pieces; I always look for the best value and a good deal but I am all about a splurge if it means I am getting quality. There are a lot of nursing bras out there but I found this one is the best. There is nothing worse than a nursing bra that isn’t functioning properly at 2am when you’re exhausted.

This one is comfortable, folds down and has quality clasps. This is why I love it too… you can use a hands free pumping attachment with it (I’ll link that here too). I also have a black and white nursing tanks by this brand and they look very flattering and high end. Postpartum fashion at its finest ;):)




uppa baby vista stroller lauren gleisberg


Buying a stroller is like buying a car: lots of options and it’s pricey. This is the very popular one that we decided on and I am (still) so happy with the decision. This stroller is on the high end of strollers available. In my opinion, the quality and options with this are worth it to us because we use our stroller multiple times per day. It comes with a bassinet and a seat. It has the ability to turn into a double stroller. There are so many useful accessories and attachments. AND… the drive (yes, like a car) is so comfortable; you’ll feel the difference with this.


CLEK fllo infant car seat lauren gleisberg


Toddler car seats. We had our infant car seat installed through a program that ensures it’s correctly installed. When we did the woman said, “if you spent the money on this car seat, I would recommend spending the money for the Clek car seat next.” From my research, Clek is one of the best when it comes to safety. There are 2 Clek options: foonf and fllo (who comes up with these names?). We choose the more narrow one fllo. We LOVE it! It sits pretty upright which is what we were looking for (Leo doesn’t like to be reclined) yet it is so spacious for him. We own others (car seat queen lol) but we will be buying this one again for Beckham. 


mpow wireless headphones lauren gleisberg


Sharing a review on my husband, Anthony’s most commonly asked about product… his inexpensive wireless headphones. Both Anthony and I have had several pairs of Beats headphones and Anthony says, “I’m not a headphone snob. I just like headphones that work and are pretty good quality. For $39.99, I would buy these over the Beats again. And, I have. I’ve actually purchased a second pair just to have. Can’t recommend these enough.”

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