I’m rounding up this month’s best sellers. With the holidays coming up, I’ll continue sharing items that I am personally loving and think you (and those on your gift giving list) would like too. Best seller lists are intriguing to me in seeing the items that are universal hits. Interested to know your favorite on the list! Feel free to comment and even share an item you’ve been loving lately. 

 1. SNAP UP FLEECE (here)

This was one of my best sellers ALL last fall + winter. This year, they came out with even better color options, so it’s not surprise to me this is the #1 best seller of the month. I have this in 2 colors: black from last year + cream this year. 

It’s the coziest fleece you’ll buy while still looking super cute. It looks great on everyone I’ve seen wearing it. AND, it’s currently on sale. If you see your color/size in stock, snag it because they sell out fast.

SIZE: I have a size small. I could probably have opted for an XS but I do like the oversized fit. Also, the small fit me throughout my pregnancy last winter.

lauren gleisberg abercrombie snap fleece

2. LULULEMON ALIGN ALTERNATIVES on Amazon for $24 (here)

These are verrrry similar to Lululemon align leggings. Even if they weren’t, I would still buy them. I’ll share what my sister had to say about them (I bought her a pair because of how much I personally liked them): “at first I didn’t think I liked them but now I love them. They are so smoothing.” Now, I always see her wearing them hehe. 

SIZE: I am usually somewhere between XS-S and I have these in both but the XS is a better, hugging fit especially when you’re working out


This is one of my favorite purchases this fall because it’s cozy but chic.

A few things you should know…

  • NOT REALLY CROPPED: I say “cropped” because it’s shorter that a typical sweatshirt but doesn’t show your stomach (I have this weird thing about not liking my belly button to show lol).
  • FLATTERING AF: this sweatshirt is elastic at the bottom so it hugs you at your waist. You know how most sweatshirts are oversized and you lose the shape of your body?! This is NOT that… it’s flattering while being comfortable. 
  • IT’S GOOD FOR WORKOUT: because it’s not too oversized, I actually work out in this
  • IT’S RIDICULOUSLY INEXPENSIVE: it’s $34 (already good) but wait…  currently 60% off so it’s $13.60


I’ll buy any pair of sneakers – regardless of fit and performance – if they’re cute enough. When they comfortable, great for workouts and absolutely adorable – can I get two?!

These are Adidas Swift Runs and I have 3 pairs because they’re one of the most versatile workout shoes I have.

SIZE: order 1/2 size down! This is what I do with almost all Adidas sneakers but definitely these. I wear a 9 and have these in a 8 1/2. 

adidas cheetah leopard sneaker

5. THE BEST $25 BEDSHEETS (here)

I almost didn’t add them to the best seller list because you’ve heard me mention them literally 1000x but they’ve been a best seller for years. 

Two things:

  1. if you don’t have them yet, join 1000s of us who are crazy about them
  2. HERE is the full blog post on them

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