November Best Sellers

Best sellers lists are some of my favorite blog posts to read, so I hope you enjoy this one. It’s all your favorite items from the month of November and many of these make great gifts (for yourself and others lol).


1. CHRISTMAS TREE (here for flocked | here for green – currently sold out but keep your eye out)

The most stunning (and budget-friendly) Christmas trees. If you watch my IG stories, you’ve seen these 100x. I have the green cashmere one in my dining room and the flocked one in my bedroom. They’re stunning in person. Absolutely stunning. Online they look so-so. They’re 7 ft tall and skinny so they’re ideal for a smaller space. 


The PJs I selected for our entire family for the holidays… they have womens, mens, kids, baby, etc. I am always drawn to a holiday plaid. These are super soft and a great price.

I wear an extra small tall for reference


$24 Amazon Prime leggings that rival the Lululemon Aligns. I have several pairs. I’ve purchased many for my friends and family. I actually think they come off a bit dressier than my other workout leggings so I not only wear them to the gym but I find myself grabbing them when I wear a daily legging outfit. Super flattering. They look and feel like butter.

there is a full review on these if you’d like to read more


Have you heard of the Barefoot Dreams blanket that people are obsessed with? This is just as soft but in my opinion, cuter! AND, $34! I love giving a gift from a nice retailer but at a great price – this is such a good gift idea, and get one for yourself too or you won’t let it go haha. I added personalization for some friend who I knew would love that.

5. BEDSHEETS (here)

Yes, the bedsheets you’ve seen on my best sellers lists for year and years. This item is actually number 1 on the list. These would make AMAZING gift for everyone and they’re just $20-$25 depending on the size you need. Quick summary if you’ve been living under a rock: absolute luxury, feels like butter, Amazon prime, 60,000+ positive reviews, and a cult-like following here on LG, thousands of you have purchased + rave about them too.

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