No Equipment HIIT Cardio & Abs Circuit

-jogging in place (warm up)
-jumping jacks
-high knees
-mountain climbers
-stationary cross body punches (right arm – see video below for form)
-stationary cross body punches (left arm)
-jogging/walking in place (cool down)

One of the most amazing ab circuits I’ve ever put myself through; this circuit is plank based (4 types of planks) in combination with other ab movements. My abs were on fire! Exclusive for the downloadable dollar a day training!

Dollar a Day Training Program: If you’re a cardio bunny, college student in a dorm room, a mommy at home, or an avid home workout-er, today’s download is for you! In the downloadable version, I included exact reps and lengths (ie: how many jumping jacks, how long to do high knees, etc.) and the exact ab workout. I am so excited about this workout, and I know you all will love it too! Get ready for serious calorie burning!

Can you see the sweat stains on my shirt?! This was killer – I was literally dripping sweat from head to toe. Below is an actual video – be sure to click to see a few clips of the workout!
Fitness Barbie Gym Style:
Top & Shorts: Lululemon
Shoes: Asics
Song of The Day: All over the road -Easton Corbin
My boyfriend got me hooked on this song, and it is the perfect up beat song to jump around to during this cardio workout!
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  1. Magan Mauro

    Oh my gosh that plank ab circuit was AMAZING!! My abs have never burned like that! haha thank you so much for all these workouts they're so great and for the first time I really enjoy working out! I always look forward to the workouts that can be done outside of a gym. Thanks so much for everything!!

    • Fitness Barbie

      Wasn't it killer? Awesome – I'll try to add in more of the "out of the gym" style workouts!

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