No Equipment Cardio & Abs Circuit

-Marching in place (warm up)
-25min HIIT
     Jumping jacks
     Line jumps
     Fast feet
     ….rest & repeat and repeat for as many rounds as possible for a designated length of time
-Marching in place (cool down)

Crossbody toe touches
Extended crunches

Dollar a Day Training: Specified number of reps forthe jumping jacks, line jumps, burpees, fast feet, and all ab exercises as well as total length of warm up, HIIT, and cool down are specified on the downloadable workout version. My training tips include explanations of all the above exercises.

For the combo pack (meal plan & 5 workouts – 1 free workout):

I’m totally not a “home workout” type of girl, but I’ve been challenging myself to try cardio workouts outside of the gym/cardio machines. This is literally a do anywhere cardio workout – right in your backyard or living room! AND it will leave you looking like a hot mess ūüėČ 
Fitness Barbie Gym Style:
Top: So not a workout top – oops
Shorts: Lululemon
of the Day: Have fun with your food! My boyfriend brought me home these baby
bananas from the grocery store, but it ultimately reflects the style of my
approach to healthy eating. Try new things! Have fun with it! Enjoy it! As of
late, every time I go to the grocery store, I purchase one new thing, whether
it be a new type of pepper, a new fruit, or different spices. This helps me
think of not only new recipes, but also different ways to prepare my typical
foods (chicken, ground turkey, etc.).

Clean to Get Lean: Meal #2 on the Fitness Barbie weekly meal plan ‚Äď cilantro &
chive turkey burgers; these babies taste & smell so much better than they

OF THE DAY: What is your favorite pepper?
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