Time is our most valuable asset. As I get older and especially becoming a mom, I realize this more and more. I certainly don’t have it all together. I struggle with balance just like most everyone else I know. BUT, I am a student of time management. If there’s a resource out there on how to organize your day or work more efficiently, I am absorbing it. It’s one of my favorite topics to research sooo I’m spilling my top 5 time management tips with you today.

lauren gleisberg and son leo lococo on apple macbook desktop

^^how cute is this pic?! His little face and how is actually looks like he is working lol. I found it on my laptop and couldn’t not share it in today’s post because Leo is the reason I need to perfect my time management skills 


It’s “feel good” week here on the blog and in case you missed yesterday’s post on the happiness list that will truly help you enjoy a random Tuesday, I highly suggest you read it. Cheers to another day day and another article on how we can feel our best (and get stuff done!)



This one I stole right from Gretchen Rubin whose Happier podcast is one you know I love. Basically, the rule states that if something takes 60 seconds or less to complete, you do it now. For example, how many times are you finished eating and you think, “I’ll put this glass or plate in the dishwasher later.” Me! Me! Me! From where I sit right now I can see a glass I know I used at least 3 days ago still on my end table. How you do anything is how you do everything so conquer even the little stuff.



This is a super specific example that I stick to but it can be a tip you can apply in other ways. I get really behind on laundry. Between a baby and 2 individuals who love to workout and also live in a hot and humid state, we go through a lot of outfits per day. Something I started doing is that I pop 1 load of laundry in every day. Some days, it’s a small load. Other days, I look for something to wash… I’ll go in each bathroom and take out the towels or rugs to launder. Then there are the days where we somehow have 34 pairs of socks, 28 shirts and 16 shorts all since yesterday. This is something I keep up with because I know it’s one of my “weaknesses.” Maybe vacuuming or dusting is your downfall and you can pick just 1 room per day to tidy up. Think little for big results.

side note – I am obsessed with wool dryer balls + essential oil that I talked about HERE


TIME BLOCKING (hello, miracle time cube)

This time blocking cube looks like an oversized dice with 5min, 15min, 30min and 60min sides. You basically pick whatever time you’re allotting yourself to complete a task. Then, turn the cube on, place that time facing up and the miracle cube starts. For some reason, it really is miraculous. I think it’s because it blinks a red light to remind you to stay focused until the timer goes off. The light isn’t annoying; in fact, I forget about it but it’s just enough that when my eyes wander, I’m reminded to refocus.



1. CLEANING – I try to pick up every evening just to start the next day with a clean house. I’ve been setting this cube to 15 or 30 minutes (depending on how much of a disaster my home is that day lol) and I go to work. Whatever I finish in that time, great and whatever I don’t get to, I simply leave. It would be AWESOME for kids!

2. WORK TASKS – those of you who do a lot of computer work may relate to this… I’ll begin a task like emails and then in responding, I’ll have to search something online. 6 minutes later, I’ve somehow found myself doing something else totally unrelated (working on a blog post, maybe adding something to my shopping cart, sending a text). When I know I’m begin timed and see the flashing light as a reminder… I stay super focused.

I was initially skeptical like “I could just set the timer on my microwave or phone” which is why I didn’t buy this for the first year I heard about it but there’s just something miraculous about the miracle cube! Now, I swear by it!



If you’re not prioritizing your to do list, you’re doing it all wrong. Seriously. Unless you’re superwoman (if you are – just keep crushing your game), you’re likely not beginning with your most impactful tasks. Take this from the woman who used to begin her to do list with a task she already completed just to put a nice big checkmark through the box and then would move onto the easiest task lol. Bottom line… your to do list needs to be prioritized. 

When I make a list, I just brain dump. I get all my tasks down on paper so I can see them. I will find my top 3… what makes a task “top 3 worthy” is that it makes the greatest impact long term. While going through my inbox is important and needs to get done each day, it doesn’t push my business forward. I don’t begin my day with that and instead, I’ll jump on an important strategy call or do product content. Your top 3 items should always be completed first and that same day (they don’t get pushed off). From there, I actually prioritize 4-7 and everything after those 7 tasks is just a bonus.



In any given day, we step into so many different roles… girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, friend, employee, employer, etc. We juggle a lot as women. We are pretty fricken amazing and balance all the roles really well even on days it doesn’t feel like it.

Buttt, it’s super important for productivity and time management that when you’re taking on a certain role, you remain in that role. Be present! When I work, I work. I don’t answer text or calls from friends. I don’t run a personal errand in the middle of a work time block. When it’s mom mode, I don’t even check my inbox. I try my best to stay fully committed to playing, reading, anything and everything with my son.

Starting a load of laundry while on a work call while also keeping an eye on your child = nothing gets done well. When I stay immersed in 1 role at a time, I get so much more done!


Do you have any time management tips? I am all ears! Please let me know in the comments XO

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