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lauren gleisberg backyard patio

My backyard patio is truly my happy place, and it is also one of the topics I’m asked about most often. I moved from Wisconsin where we had big, open yards to Texas where our homes are much closer together with fenced in backyards. I knew I wanted expand out actual patio to create something different: a look that I didn’t see everywhere else. But, it still had to be practical and a place where my kids can play, so you won’t find a beautiful tablescape that my kids would use as toys. Here are all the details…


Let’s answer that simply- not us. You know I love Sebastian Maniscalco, and he has a joke about asking a friend what he did this afternoon and the friend replies that he built a deck meanwhile Sebastian took a nap. Well, my husband and I aren’t napping but we aren’t building decks. We leave the professional tasks to the professionals, so we hired this job out! I knew exactly what I wanted, so I literally sketched it out, gave the dimensions, and all the little details.


The grass is artificial and that was the landscaping recommendation. I never thought about artificial turf but I was told that in a 100 degree Texas summer, the grass would be fried and brown and the look of the patio wouldn’t match my vision. There are several types of artificial grass I selected from. At first, the artificial grass looked too perfect but it’s actually gotten more realistic looking with time.


While we were putting in our patio (it became a much bigger task when I told the company that I wanted a diagonal pattern), I had a good amount of time to order furniture. I love a classic look with just about everything. I knew I wanted teak wood and ivory/beige umbrellas and cushions. For colors in my home, I always do some pops of blue and green.
I actually selected THIS furniture. You know I love a look for less, so when I stumbled upon the conversation set we had (which looked so similar and beautiful), I went down a rabbit hole of finding all sorts of items I loved just as much for a fraction of the price! All of those items are linked below.

Conversation Set (here
I can’t recommend it enough. Disclaimer- it was a pain to put together. In fact, I asked my handyman to complete the job for us. It’s held up for going on 4 years. The pieces are surprisingly sturdy and I just love the look. It’s available in teak (which I have) and this gray.

Folding Wooden Table (here
This dining table is so cool and when I saw the features- I ordered TWO! Each side folds down, so you can use it as a large table, half a table or fold both sides down for space-saving storage.

Black and White Woven Rattan Dining Chair (here
When I was shopping initially, I picked out similar chairs that were around $400/each. When I found these at less than half the price, I scooped them up! I love the look and they’re so easy to wipe down and clean.

Bar Serving Cart (here
It’s just too cute! Practical and pretty to style for a party or everyday.

8’5 ft. Beige Patio Table Umbrella (here)
This is the umbrella I have at our patio dining table.

10 ft. Large Umbrella (here)
This is the umbrella I have over our 2 chaise lounge chairs. I searched high and low for a “cantilever umbrella”, and they are a very pricey item. This one had amazing reviews and and even more amazing price. You can fill the base with water or sand for stability – ours has never tipped over even in hurricane storms.


Reclining Chaise Lounge Chair with Cushion (here
There are comfier lounge chairs but this is the exact look I was going for!

Beige Blue Striped Rug (here
I color online doesn’t do it justice – you can see in my photos how beautiful it is and it makes the teak furniture pop.

Faux Boxwood Balls (here
I have these in our 3 planter boxes on the patio. They totally finish off the space!

Planters (here
And these are the planters. This is my favorite look.

Indoor/Outdoor Blue Striped Pillow (Set of 2) (here
The pillows I have are out of stock but these are super similar.

Indoor/Outdoor Black Striped Pillow (here

I may add in some black and white pillows this spring/summer.

Indoor/Outdoor Black Striped Pillow (here)

More on my list! 

Patio Egg Chair (here

I had to include this item because it’s “in my cart.” How cute?!

Deck Storage Box (here

I just bought this to hold our furniture covers when they’re not covering our furniture. I can’t recommend it enough!

Globe String Lights (here

We love these… they totally set the mood on our patio.

Garden Hose Power Washer (here

I just purchased this to clean our outdoor furniture: “pressure” washing without the crazy pressure.

Mr Clean Washing Solution (here

Another purchase I just made… you can attach it to your hose for cleaning. I am a sucker for products with amazing reviews!

Patio Table Furniture Cover (here

The dining table/chair cover I have! The quality is amazing and it has a bungee so it doesn’t blow off.

Patio Bench Furniture Cover (here

Patio Chair Furniture Cover (here


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