My January Gym Bag

Check out what’s in my bag this month…
This month’s gym bag post is dedicated to all the products that keep up looking good as we leave the gym! AND affordable, drugstore products! There are many days where you run errands on the way home from the gym, and these products will be sure to keep you looking and feeling fresh!

(1) Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo
I am not one who washes my hair daily; it’s so thick and curly that, fortunately, I can go a few days in between washes, given that I’m not sweating from head to toe. On days where I can go without a wash or just as I’m about to leave the gym, I love to give my roots a spray or two of this dry shampoo. Simply brush out after or rough at the roots with your finger tips, and you have a fresh head of hair. Of all the dry shampoos I’ve tried (drugstore versions and pricier options), this one is by far my favorite!

(2) Head Turner Fragrance Deodorant Body Spray
We’ve all been there: you just finish a workout, you didn’t leave time to shower at the gym, and you have a few stops on the way home… body spray to the rescue!  I found this little gem at Walmart. There are a few other scents, but this one is light, fresh, and the perfect post-workout fragrance.

(3) Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes in Pink Grapefruit
Whether you’re looking to cleanse your face before or after your workout, these wipes are so refreshing! I like to shower in my own home after a workout, but I can’t stand the feeling of leaving that sweat on my face, so I’m always sure to add these to my gym bag to wipe off a hard workout from my body. They smell delish too!

(4) Elf Makeup Remover Pen
That black mascara and thick eyeliner looks oh-so-good walking into the gym, but walking out after a sweat sesh can be a quite scary look. This Elf makeup remover pen is not only great for mistakes made when applying eye make up, but also does the trick when that make up runs during your workout. Simply swipe under the eyes in a drawing motion to rid your face of the running eye makeup.

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  1. CheapRunnerMichelle

    Love #3 – I use them all the time too!

  2. ItsTheNewTwenty

    Every one of these are great suggestions. I recently started working out early in the mornings before work to avoid the crowds, and while I love getting it out of the way, I'm always left feeling like a train wreck at work. I'll have to try these items to quickly freshen up my look!

  3. Frances Staley

    Wow, you've got an awesome taste. That deodorant in particular is a great choice.

    geelong fitness training

  4. Anonymous

    I sweat a bit in the hair, I wonder if I could get by using a shampoo like that. Working out at lunch is something I'd love to do, but I'm often left with a 20 minute workout since I have to drive there and back, and shower! Has anyone tried doing the dry shampoo on wet, sweaty hair?

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