My Go-To Detox Drink to Reduce Bloating

I don’t believe much in detoxes/cleanses, but I do believe in this detox drink on occasion. Whether you’re feeling bloated, lethargic, or just wanting to flush out some toxins from the body, this drink is a go-to! It contains 4 ingredients: water, tea, lemon, and mint leaves – each of which are beneficial to helping cleanse the body. This drink is something I have on occasion, and is not something I suggest sipping on more than once per day.

Water is just all around good for us! Regularly drinking water helps push toxins through the body, making the job of organs such as the kidneys and liver easier.

Green Tea:
Green tea is my go-to choice for this detox drink, but there are a plethora of other teas that offer similar benefits. Where do I even begin with green tea benefits? Green tea helps fight inflammation in the body, boost immunity, and reduce stress. Green tea also has a natural diuretic effect, so it can also help regulate fluids in the body that may be contributing to bloating.

Lemon helps stimulate and regulate the digestive tract; it can help subside constipation and gas, which contributes to stomach bloating. 

Mint Leaves:
Min leaves add that refreshing flavor to any drink, but the also aid in digestion. Bile is produced by the liver and travels to the small intestine to break down fat; mint leaves can help improve the flow of bile. Bonus – they can also help with stomach cramps!

-Boil 8oz water
-Steep tea
-Squeeze in juice from 1/2 lemon
-Add a handful of mint leaves
-Enjoy ­čÖé
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