Our Monday Mindset Motivation posts are a way to begin the week strong, starting with a strong mind. We all know the power of our thoughts. Through strong, positive thoughts we can shape our lives for the better. Let’s dive in and see how the ever-so-dreaded “busy-ness” of life can actually benefit us!


The other day, a friend asked me: “How have you stayed this fit and lean for so long? Every woman I know loses 10 pounds, gains 20, loses 15… it’s a constant up and down. And they all seem to hate it. How have you enjoyed working out and eating healthy for like a decade??”

^You may have heard me share this HERE on Instagram with the short answer, but I wanted to elaborate because so many of us would describe our lives and our days as “busy” but I think my answer and the feeling of being busy can be a secret key that unlocks a whole lot of fulfillment and enjoyment for us.

In case you missed it, my answer to that question was: I don’t overthink it. I make it part of my life not my entire life. I do my thing…. get my sweat on, eat meals I love that also happen to be good for me then I LIVE! I spend time with family and friends. I adventure. I travel. I do. I don’t sit at home and think about my body, foods, fears and issues. I don’t feel guilty for not making the best choices. I’m too busy living and loving life!

Now let’s elaborate…

If you’re someone struggling with health and fitness, I want to ask you a question and give yourself a serious moment to think about it.

Do you 1) think about your workouts, food, fears, body image often or 2) barely at all.

If you answered yes to #2, this mindset motivation may help you, but not as much as those in the group of option #1. If you’re in that “barely at all” category, my assumption is that healthy living isn’t much of a priority right now for you and that’s absolutely, totally, 110% okay. Read THIS post.

If your workouts, meals, mindset, personal development, etc. isn’t at the front of your mind, that’s just your season right now. Again, that’s perfectly perfect. Do your thing! Maybe next season, it will be something you choose to make a priority.

Let me be clear though, this is for those who are *struggling*

If you’re struggling with eating foods that benefit you and your body and getting in regular workouts AND you’re constantly thinking about it, this post is for YOU!

First off, I want you to know that your constantly thoughts of “do I look lean?” “I shouldn’t have eaten that” and “I really wish I worked out today” don’t make you a bad person.

I’ve been in your shoes! And when I was, I was often criticized by outsiders (and even some close friends) for being… superficial. Ick!

I heard: “Why do you care so much about what you eat? Do you really care what you look like that much? What’s all this going to do for you?”

At the time, it made me feel like a really shitty person. I thought: “Maybe they’re right. Maybe I should just focus on hanging with my friends, getting good grades, being a great girlfriend, sister, daughter, etc.”

However, I was doing my best and succeeding at all of that, but I wanted more for myself.

Let me tell you something I learned from this… don’t listen to someone telling you to give up on your dreams just because they gave up on theirs. Don’t take advice from someone telling you not to prioritize health, wellness and happiness just because they don’t or because they do it differently than you.

BOOM! Take that, haters!  ((you can say that in your head if you hear that criticism too lol))

If you’re struggling with consistency with your workouts and meal and worrying constantly about all of it, know this… it’s part of the journey. We all go through it.

Some, most experience the struggle stage, can’t break through and give up. Others experience it, find a way through and live a life where health is a foundation and comes as an enjoyable habit with innumerable benefits.

There’s no negative self talk. There aren’t feelings of doubt or guilt. There isn’t the worrying over a missed workout or shitty day of eating. There’s no looking at yourself and not liking the person you are. There’s not a feeling of competition and failure. There isn’t a constant feeling of fear.

I promise you that place exists because I’m there. I wasn’t always. I know that yucky stage of doubt/worry/guilt/struggle and I know what it takes to break through it. If you’re there, I feel for you and I’m here for you, girl!

But just know, you can break through and enjoy what many of us call a healthy, happy lifestyle!

So, how do we move past that struggle stage?


Sometimes, I’ll hop on social media on a Saturday night and I’ll see a post about food guilt or not working out or some negative self talk and my first reaction is: WHAT ARE YOU DOING THINKING ABOUT  THIS ON SATURDAY?! GO GET OUT THERE AND ENJOY, GIRL!

Busy isn’t normally associated with enjoyable, but here me out.

Yes, we all go through phases in life where we have to hustle and being busy isn’t enjoyable like a job (or second job) we take to get us through to our dream job or extra tasks around the house to prepare for a big event.

But, we should be so busy living and loving our lives that there’s no time for the struggle stage.

If we want to be happy, we must intentionally act and think in ways that make us happy.

We must intentionally surround ourselves with people we love. We must intentionally do things we love. We must intentionally visit places we love.

And, we must do that regularly.

I told my friend… “I do my thing then I LIVE.” My workout is typically 45 minutes out of the 1,440 minutes in day. And guess what? I’m going to eat every day of my life. I simply choose to eat things that I know will benefit my body.

The rest of my waking hours are intentionally spent being busy. I don’t give myself the space to think about anything other than the present moment.

Bottom line… just get out there, girl! DO! LIVE! ENJOY!

If you have a bad workout, instead of driving home upset and thinking negative thoughts, swing past a friends place on the way home.

If you over indulged, instead of sitting there feeling guilty, make a to-do list and go get to checkin’ it off.

If you look in the mirror and are tempted to criticize your lack of progress, instead of doing so, call up your grandma and catch up.

Three easy ways to shift your mood… to get busy living and loving life!

The result is that you start experience more and more positive, enjoyable emotions. Your desire to continue feeling this good grows. Your consistency with workouts and meals that nourish picks up. You’ve just moved past the struggle stage. You’re living a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Today and all your days, get busy living and loving your happy, healthy life! #BuhByeStruggleBus #You’veGotThisGirl



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