MOM PLAN PREVIEW (pregnancy + postpartum fitness guides and meal plan)

Take a peek inside my MOM PLANS that launch next week. These plans contain everything you need to know on how to achieve a fit pregnancy, recover, see great results and most importantly, feel confident and happy in your role as a mom.

Personally, these plans have helped me navigate the pregnancy and postpartum phases feeling the best I’ve felt in my entire life. Knowing how to workout while pregnant and after baby has given me so much confidence in myself and as a mom. I cannot wait to share this knowledge and my personal tips and tricks with you so you too can see amazing results.

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  • pregnancy fitness guide
  • postpartum fitness guide
  • pregnancy + postpartum meal plan/cookbook
  • pelvic floor + core plan

all 4 plans will be available individually as well as in a discounted bundle

Each plan is designed to help you navigate the special phases of motherhood. I simplify and present everything on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay active. I share all my tips and tricks on how to thrive as a mom-to-be and mom: physically and mentally. You will feel empowered to live your best life during pregnancy and after.




I created the Mom Plans for my 1st pregnancy with my son, Leo. I was able to go through the pregnancy and postpartum plans in real time to design them exactly for a mama’s needs.
Then, during my 2nd pregnancy with my son, Beckham, I perfected these plans. It’s no surprise that I saw even better results and I can only hope you experience the same!
I will do an entire post next week with y full review and progress on the plan.


As a reminder, you must obtain your health care provider’s approval before beginning these pregnancy, postpartum and meal plans or any plans. I share general information based on what I did while pregnant and after baby following my OB’s recommendations. I am not a medical professional and this information should not be treated as medical advice for you or your baby. Remember you know yourself best as well as your provider.

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