Men's Workout: Upper Body (Anthony & Leo Takeover)

I’m excited to turn my blog over to my husband and baby, Leo for the day. A lot of you have asked for a workout for the man in your life, so Anthony’s sharing an upper body workout, some training tips and evidently a few things about me. Uh oh… be nice boys haha.

You can copy & paste the link to the post and text it to your favorite guy. Maybe he will enjoy the read and workout!

Anthony and Leo lococo in their home gym
You can see that my workout style varies a lot from what Lauren does and what she shared on here. I’ll explain more in my training tips but my goals are different from Lauren’s and a lot of other women, which is the biggest explanation for the variation.
I also thought it would be cool to create a workout that the guy in your life can put his own spin on Here is my overall workout structure for an upper body day. 
I stick to 5 sets and only 3 exercises so I can focus more on nailing down my form as well as primarily focusing on strength. 
I give a full example workout of something I actually did today but then also a list in each category for
Also, I suggest googling the JM press if you haven’t heard of it. It is one of my favorite for triceps and it’s helped me increase my triceps strength and improve my bench press if that’s something that interested you or your friend/boyfriend/husband.
mens upper body strength training workout
The biggest difference between the way Lauren and I train is in terms of our goals. I primarily focus on strength as well as overall fitness. As you know, Lauren trains more as an all around athlete using a wide variety of training approaches and exercises. I train to increase strength and stay in shape as many guys do.
I just share that so you understand why my workouts may look a little bit different. With that said, for an upper body workout, I will pick what are considered classical lifts or main movements. 
These focus more on multiple muscle groups instead of isolated training. I do a great deal of work with these movements because they engage the most muscle fibers over the shortest amount of time (efficiency).
When I talk about efficiency, I’m not just talking about time. Efficiency training is about getting the most gain for your buck. 
Let’s say you do bicep curls until you are blue in the face for 45 minutes or so…what have you accomplished? Purely biceps training which is great but not what most men are wanting to focus on for gaining strength and getting in good shape
I like to focus on main movements with those smaller isolated work sprinkled in. Lauren does a little more isolated work, which, in my opinion, is why her physique looks more “round” (I don’t know the right word to use but you know you can see her muscles pop) haha.
So basically guys… don’t forget to stick to the basics when training for whatever your goal may be as it will yield the most results and do so much faster then purely isolated work. Another thing to note is that when we do these “main movements/classical lifts” we can do them much more frequently as the weight is distributed throughout the body and not just purely on one single joint/muscle.
For guys you must think big picture, maintainable, life long progress. Remember to stick to the basics with and use the “fun stuff” as the treat!

^Lauren asked me to take a few pics in the gym for this so this is my “pretend like your doing a workout” pose 
1. She really is as positive as she seems. I know you can’t always tell on social media who someone is but Lauren is really good at staying positive in any situation and her positivity rubs off on everyone around her (like me)

2. She lives in her damn robe haha. She just got a new one for Christmas and I’ll admit it is really soft. She will wear a robe over a nice outfit. It’s pretty funny.
3. Lauren values close friends and family. I think you all know how much she loves her family but she doesn’t share much about her friends. Lauren is a pretty private person but when she lets you in, you are in for good. She loves her girlfriends and I know I am biased but she is a really good friend.

4. When we meet people who read Lauren’s blog, they are always surprised by how “normal” she is. I think some people who do what Lauren does would let it get to their head or they would brag about things or just act like something special. Lauren is such an normal person and doesn’t let a number of followers or any of this change her.
Fact 4b – she never uses the word followers. When she’s on a call with a brand or in a meeting I always hear her correct someone else’s use of followers to LG Sisters haha

5. I was actually the one who got Lauren into fitness. We would go to this place called Le Club in high school to workout together. She was interested in weights so I thought her a lot about the basics. She actually didn’t alway like to go to the gym but I would drag her and I helped her kick her flamin hot cheetos every day habit haha.
That is all Leo and I have for you. We took these pics and hour before he went to sleep. My little buddy is snoozing right now as I type but we both wanted to than you for reading our post.
Anthony and Leo lococo in their home gym

Hey, it’s me (LG) again. Thanks for letting my boys take over my blog for a few minutes. I hope it helps a man in your life with his training. I’ll see you tomorrow with a workout!

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