Maternity Outfits to Save Money & Where I Shopped While Pregnant

These are my top 5, most-worn clothing items I rocked while pregnant. Hopefully, these will give you some outfit-inspo to feel great as an expecting mama anddd save you money (since they can be worn after baby too!)


I couldn’t bring myself to buy maternity clothing because I felt like:

1) maternity clothing was such a waste of money because I was likely never going to wear this stuff again

2) I wasn’t crazy about most of the maternity clothing out there




Is this one obvious?! I wore maxi dresses in my usual size all throughout my pregnancy. If I bought one thing most while pregnant, it was probably dresses. I liked maxi dresses because they were so easy… 1 piece of clothing = an entire outfit. No pants which is always a pregnancy win. And, because they’re long, I didn’t have to worry about the dress being too short as my belly got bigger.



Again, so many dresses from my closet worked perfectly throughout my pregnancy. I had a lot of those super, stretchy cotton dresses in my closet and wore those on repeat; I would layer a jacket over depending on the weather. If I bought new ones, I just made sure they were to the knee or even that midi length because to fit around the bump; at the end of pregnancy, the dress gets pretty short to accommodate the belly.



If you don’t have a pair, run and get yourself some. If there was one item I wore most while pregnant, it was this. I have 1 style in particular that I loved and I wore my normal size all throughout pregnancy and still continue to wear them. It’s around that $100 mark which seems ridiculous but I’m telling you, it’s worth the investment for how much use you’ll get out of them. And when your tummy feels sucked in after birth, you’ll be thanking yourself for shelling that out!



These I actually purchased while pregnant. I bought them in my usual size and it’s actually funny because I’m wearing one of the tanks as I type this (8 months postpartum). I didn’t expect the most common pregnancy/outfit obstacle to be the length of things. My shirts all became cropped tops. I know crop tops are in but I don’t think that look goes for pregnant women?! Thoughts?? hehe. I bought long tanks and tees in basics… I did a white, gray and black. I got so much use out of these because I could wear all my cardigans and jackets over these.




When I did make a new clothing purchase while pregnant, it was usually one of these things because I knew I could wear them after I had my baby. My thought process was: I could wear my long length basics with all the open cardigans/jacket/blazers/kimonos and then again after baby.

Button up blouses – or the ones I buy – are usually less structured to allow for a growing bump (or I would gradually unbutton & tie up and eventually just leave unbuttoned). After baby they’re forgiving. AND all these options are great for nursing over a nursing tank!

Side note #2 – this is the only nursing tank/bra brand I bought (I heard these were the best out there and while you do pay a bit more, it’s worth how good they are simply because of the quality of the clasps & comfort of the material. I bought these in black and white & wore them under everything)

MATERNITY CLOTHING (the few things I actually did purchase)


Hands down one of my better purchases while pregnant. I wore these so often while my bump grew and as you probably saw, I wore these robes every. single. day the first few months of Leo’s life. These robes helped me feel beautiful when I didn’t look it haha. I would wear high rise, spandex shorts (these) a nursing tank or bra and this robe – literally every day!

Side note – I’ve never been a loose-fitted sweatpants type of person (they always make me feel lazy & more tired). I wear yoga pants 90% of the time but because I had my baby in summer, I bought these $14 shorts on Amazon and again, I’m not just saying this… I wore them everyday (and still do haha). I usually wear a small but I bought a medium.



You’re bound to have a special occasion or baby shower while pregnant, so when I did need a dress, I shopped at ASOS & Pink Blush Maternity dresses. They have the best maternity selection for dresses!



Target! It’s not expensive and their maternity section is actually pretty cute. That’s where I bought these jeans that you saw me wear all throughout my pregnancy.

I bought over the belly ones, under the belly ones and shorts.


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