Have you heard about the Lululemon legging alternatives that are on Amazon for just $20? If not, I’ll break it down for you here, sharing the exact links and whether or not I think they’re worth saving the money. Because let’s be real – I love Lululemon but I don’t love the price tag.

black lululemon leggings amazon dupes



My husband just asked me, “what the heck is an ‘alternative'” to which I replied, “it’s another option as in a similar item but without the high price.”



I’ve got to toot my own horn for a quick second. I worked at Lululemon in college and one of the things Lululemon prides themselves on is that their employees know the products forwards, backwards and upside down. I knew more details about Lululemon fabrics than I did just about anything else.

I only share that because I’ve heard a lot of “influencers” talking about Lululemon/these dupes and how the fabric and fit feel similar, but I am like… okay, I need to check this out for myself.

Even funnier… my friend and former Lululemon co-worker texted me this one day (thanks, meg!).



This may be one of Lululemon’s most popular leggings. They’re COMFY AF! The fabric is technically called Nulu: a signature, patented Lulu fabric. It legitimately feels like butter. It’s a barely there, non-restrictive fit and feel. The leggings are seamless and have a high rise waistband furthering the comfort.

LENGTHS AVAILABLE: these leggings are available in 3 lengths: crops7/8ths length (my favorite), and full length

PRICE: $88 crops | $98 pants

MY REVIEW: I love them. I own 4 pairs. I wear a size 4 (which is kind of like an XS) and the waistband comfortable stretched over my belly during pregnancy & now fits just fine after. In my opinion, they’re worth the splurge



*read below for which one is better suited for you.

1ST OPTION (here): I’ve got to come right out and tell you… I would 100% say these are worth a purchase. In fact, I’ve purchased 3 pairs in 2 months. 

They feel amazing- slightly “silkier” than the Lululemon aligns but equally comfortable. The aligns are known for a naked-feel and these are exactly that. You literally feel like you’re not wearing pants. It’s magic.

Also, this is HUGE. The high-waisted, seamless waistband. It’s what makes the align leggings so great. This is the best alternative for the waistband which in my opinion is the most comfortable part. NOTHING pokes in at you and it’s so high that every part of your tummy feels sucked in. .

This alternative is really good – get it! Seriously, you won’t regret it! LG APPROVED!

2ND OPTION (here): The fabric is verrrrry similar, scary similar- feels just like the Lululemon aligns. If you’re looking for a pair of leggings with the buttery feel that the aligns provide, this is it! The best dupe fabric I’ve found! 

The waistband is the only reason I like the first option better. This waistband is high rise but it has a seam at the very top and to be honest, it digs into my tummy a bit. When I sit, I get a little bit of that “spill over” on the top.  That is getting nitty gritty picky but that’s why I am here, reviewing these. I would recommend these to everyone who loves black leggings – you can’t have enough and this fabric is BUT I would also make sure you buy the first pair I suggested!



Another very popular, classic Lululemon option. If you would have asked me 5 years ago what my favorite workout leggings were, these were it! They’re comfortable. Available in high-rise and standard waistbands. They have a classic, cotton-ish feel. Breathable. Moveable. Great staple!


LENGTHS AVAILABLE: there are so many offerings of waistbands, lengths, colors & slight style modifications but for comparison purposes I’ll share the crops, 7/8ths (again, my personal favorite) and full length

PRICE: $88 crops | $98 leggings

MY REVIEW: these were my favorite and I still wear them regularly. if you prefer a slightly thicker and more cotton-like material, opt for these! I think the wear slightly better than the aligns but I like the align waistband better.


LULULEMON WUNDER UNDER ALTERNATIVES (here, full length here, crop):

These alternatives are cotton-like, comfy and similar to Lululemon. I would say these are definitely good and worth $21 but I don’t totally feel like they’re that similar to the Lululemon pair. However, that’s not essential – they’re a great pair of workout leggings! If you’re looking for a classic fit black workout leggings, these are a great option!


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