Last weekend, my aunts threw me the most perfect, Pinterst-inspired bridal shower – do they know me or what?! Everything from the blush and gold color scheme to the mason jar candle holders with my wedding date on them and the stations of fruit infused water, mimosas and yogurt parfaits were so adorable. It was cuteness overload. They say love is in the details, and my bridal shower was so full of love! I am very grateful for all my family and friends who made the day so special!

Here are a few pictures from my bridal shower:

^^group photo courtesy of Anthony who bought me a selfie stick for the shower 🙂

It’s been awhile since I did a wedding update or a lifestyle journal post on here. You can read my last update HERE and my engagement post HERE. We’re officially under the 2 month mark, and I’m certainly feeling the pressure. I giggle now at how much I bragged about wedding planning being a breeze for Anthony and I…it certainly was until it got close! 
Anthony and I will be getting married this summer in Wisconsin. It was very important to us that our wedding day be small and intimate. Anthony and I are both private people (is it possible for a blogger to be private?); well, we prefer to keep our relationship pretty private, but keeping the guest list to a minimum has been quite a challenge. I was warned so many times that wedding planning is a constant battle between achieving what you want and not hurting others’ feelings.
For being such an OCD/planner-obsessed person, my wedding planning style couldn’t be further from who I normally am. My mom and wedding coordinator are constantly reminding me of the decision I need to make and appointment I need to schedule. I opened a wedding planner guide from The Knot that I received as an engagement gift; I had a mini panic-attack when the majority of “do this 6 months out” tasks still haven’t been completed. Oops! 

Regardless, I whole-heatedly believe everything works out exactly how it is supposed to and as long as Anthony and I get married and enjoy endless dancing, I will be one happy bride. Below I compiled 3 ways I get through wedding stress or life stress…I hope it helps you when life occasionally gets the best of you!
Wedding/Life Stress Help Guide:
(1) SURROUND YOURSELF WITH A GOOD SUPPORT SYSTEM: From my mom running around town with me when I experienced a wedding invitation disaster (I still don’t have my wedding invites printed – eek) to my future brother-in-law attending my first dress fitting with me, I’ve learned how much supportive, loving people can help clear your mind when the overwhelm sets in! It’s all about knowing who you can count on!
(2) FITNESS AS A STRESS-RELIEVER: I cannot tell you how many times fitness has provided me with a clear, fresh perspective during my wedding planning. The second I feel stressed about silly details, I hit the gym. When I return to the same obstacle, it seems smaller and more manageable. Use your workouts as a way to relieve the stress!
(3) TO-DO LISTS: “Of course she would suggest to-do lists” you may be saying to yourself. Wedding planning has showed me how all those little things that collect in the back of your mind (ie: remember to schedule that meeting or call this person) can inhibit you from thinking clearly and focusing on the present moment. Leave to-do lists everywhere from your car to your office and even next to your bed. As soon as you think of something, jot it down to get it off your mind! Goodbye stress!
I have a second wedding shower later this month and a wedding at the end of July, so I can’t wait to share more with you! I’ve enjoyed hearing from the brides-to-be, bridesmaids, and wedding attendees, so hashtag #LGBride with any wedding related content. It’s so fun to share in exciting times together!
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