It’s been forever since I shared a life update with you all so I wanted to share what we’ve been up to lately (Halloween and vacations pics too!) and a bit about my work/mom life balance.

If you would prefer to just peek at the pictures of our life lately, feel free to scroll down.

Otherwise, if you’d like to chit chat… today, I want to talk a bit about what it’s like being a working, new mom… a working mom to a new baby, experiencing all of this for the first time (as I’m sure many of you are in the same place or may be sometime in the future). 

I’m someone who enjoys work. I even liked school to be perfectly honest. I think I’m a bit addicted to setting a goal, creating an action plan, checking off tasks and achieving – work, school, organizing my closet, anything. I’m a first born, type A… I’m sure you know that kind (maybe you are that kind too haha).

Anyway, all of that to say I knew that my decision to have children would not mean that I wanted to quit working.

 When I was pregnant, I was so turned off by everyone’s horror stories:

“say goodbye to your life and personal time.”

“enjoy your trip before you never have a completely relaxing vacation again.”

…I used to think “really?! That is what you’re saying to an excited, expecting woman?” haha. Okay…?!

I just want to be the voice you don’t always hear. Not a sugar-coated, rosy version of motherhood, pretending like it’s all sunshine and rainbows because it’s not. It’s F-ing tough. There are certainly moments where it’s so difficult and overwhelming you can’t do anything other than burst into tears. 

It’s also the best thing I’ve ever experienced. Being a mom and having a child is bliss beyond anything than you can put into words.

BUT, where do you, the mom fit into all of it?! It’s so easy to lose yourself in the day-to-day hustle that is MOM-ing. 

It’s why I choose to work. 

I hear moms talk about this thing called “mom guilt.” Evidently, all moms feels it. A stay-at-home mom can feel guilty she isn’t using her talents outside of the home. A mom with a job outside of the home can feel guilty she isn’t spending more time with her children. Basically, it’s a lose-lose. 

Well, I don’t feel mom guilt. I mean I have from time to time but on a regular basis, I don’t feel that way. And, it’s only because of the perspective I’m going to share.

PERSPECTIVE: happy mom = happy baby

Leading a healthy lifestyle has taught me that you can only pour from your glass if your glass is full. Basically, unless you’re fulfilled and happy, you’ll have very little to share with anyone else.

I know that working fulfills a part of my heart and without it, there would certainly be a void. In order to feel my very best, I need to work.

When I work and have to be away from my baby, I try my best to remember that it’s “me” time. I focus. I get work done .I get to be creative. And, most importantly, I try to keep in a mindset of “working helps me feel like me. It makes me happy.”

Then, when I’m with my little guy, I’m with him. I stay so present. I do not answer my phone. I don’t worry about cleaning up my messy house. I’ll skip doing my hair/putting on make up, if it means cuddling him or having a dance party to Christmas music. #priorities

I don’t really know my point in sharing all of this other than I feel like moms whether they work in or out of the home should focus on doing it because it makes them happy.

Side note… working in the home as a mom is a full time job and anyone who thinks otherwise should try it – I bet you’d change your mind 3 hours in lol.

I know Leo feels my happiness so I do things to ensure my happiness is a priority.

It’s hard being a mom. In my opinion, it can be really hard being a working mom but somehow in the caos of it all, it feels good to me. Whatever feels good to you as a mom, do it guilt free because I think that leads to a happy baby!

Now, onto pics of our life lately…

^from Leo’s 3 month pictures; how precious is he and that outfit!

PC: Jennifer Mathews Photography


^my favorite photo from this Halloween and our trip to the pumpkin patch


^whenever my mom comes over, she sets up little photoshoots with Leo; this is one of the many lol


^heading out on our first family vacation to Florida and traveling light (joking!)


^Thanksgiving 2017 in Naples, FL


^so thankful for this happy boy




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