As I ((not so patiently)) wait to receive all the images from our wedding, I’ll do a little recap of the “mini moon” Anthony and I took this past week to Las Vegas. 
We are taking our “real” honeymoon to Europe in a few months, but we still wanted that just married getaway experience. So, the day after our wedding, we booked the trip and 36 hours later we were on the plane heading to Las Vegas…I’ve never planned such a last minute getaway but it’s the exact reason I love Las Vegas! Everything you need is all on one street…you can wake up, work out, go to the pool, shop, eat, eat some more, see a show, and go out for drinks/dancing and you never even have to leave your hotel! It’s fun yet relaxing! 

…and that food ­čÖé
We enjoyed such delicious meals!
My favorite appetizer was Calamari ((always a fav lol)) mixed with onion strings too! I’ve never had that combination but it was to die for! We ordered it at Le Cafe in Paris

We did a bit of splurging at Ben & Jerrys…that salted caramel blondie ice cream though ­čÖé

Anthony is not a relax at the pool/beach kind of guy, but on this trip, I think I started turning him over to the dark ((or tan lol)) side. We stayed at the Bellagio hotel, which is in the ideal location and so gorgeous. I just love all the landscaping especially out by the pool. 

Las Vegas hotel gyms are pretty pricey per person per day. We were quite thankful that Anthony’s M Life card let us workout complimentary because it was such a great start to the day and that Bellagio gym is like the ideal LG girls meet up! Lets..please?!

View from the gym…

We also started a new tradition… the nightly soaking of the tootsies in a warm Epsom salt bath while sipping decaf tea ((me)) and coffee ((him)) We were too excited at the end of the night to go home and start up the tub ((hey grandma and grandpa)). Then again, who wouldn’t with a hotel bathroom this gorgeous! Now, our nightly baths don’t seem as amazing haha.

I had requests for outfit details from the pictures I posted to Instagram while I was in Las Vegas. When Anthony and I *temporarily* moved to Wisconsin this summer, I brought about 2 suitcases worth of clothing with me ((1 + 1/2 contained workout clothes lol)) so I don’t have very many fun outfits to work with. An hour after we booked our trip, I booked it to the mall! I went into Forever 21 and didn’t leave until I had an outfit for each day, but it worked and almost everything I wore is from Forever 21…

Swimsuit: Forever 21

Sports Bra & Crops: Lululemon | Top: Forever 21

Jumpsuit: Forever 21 | Shoes: Old Navy
Hat & Cover Up: Forever 21 | Mrs. Necklace: Kate Spade

Dress: Forever 21 | Sunnies: Prada

We all have people whose work we admire and follow. For me, Bob Proctor is totally one of my idols. He’s like the king of personal development and positive thinking. So, when Anthony spotted him in the casino, I had the biggest fan girl moment…my heart started racing and I was initially too nervous to say hello. We even began walking away, making the excuse: “we don’t want to bother him.” Thankfully, Anthony looked at me and said, “Lauren, when are you ever going to have an opportunity to meet Bob Proctor.” After about 10 minutes of wandering through slot machines to find him again, I jumped at the chance to meet him!

Side note – when I meet fellow LG girls in person, most of you say, “I didn’t want to bother” or “I don’t want to intrude so I almost didn’t come say hi,” which is totally how I felt!  Trust me when I say, I am 100x more excited to meet you than you are to me, so pleaseee don’t ever hesitate to interrupt me if you see me! I reminded myself of this as I pranced over to Bob Proctor in the casino!

Anyways, I introduced myself to Bob and I was absolutely delighted when he jumped up out of his seat and talked to Anthony and I for nearly HALF AN HOUR! Seriously! Bob asked all about what I did and about the LG community/website, giving me advice on things I could do to make an even greater impact. He told stories of the successes of individuals he has worked with as inspiration ((the names he dropped on a first name basis were people I’ve only read about lol)) Bob Proctor was truly one of the most genuinely interested and thought-provoking individuals I’ve e-v-e-r met!

While Bob gave such amazing advice that I need to write down and frame, I wanted to share one nugget that really stuck with me. 
I first discovered Bob back when I decided to give up my seat in dental school ((remember that? lol)) For those of you who don’t know, I graduated with a BS in Biology and moved to Texas to attend the University of Texas’s DDS program. While I was in college, I began blogging and turned that blog into a business, which I ran while going to school. It became more than a full-time job and one that was my true passion. However, I am ((or was)) such a safe, traditional individual; I did a lot of what was expected of me and not enough of what my heart desired. Every day, I fought the voice within telling me to just “go for it” ((the “it” being my passion of providing women with the resources to look better & feel better)). Eventually though, that’s what I did. A week prior to the start of dental school classes, I gave up my seat.
((I wrote about that decision, here but if you ever want me to share more on that, making a career in the health & fitness field or taking that leap of faith to go for a dream, let me know with a comment anywhere & I certainly can share more))

In that Las Vegas casino, Bob Proctor told me: “spend 30 minutes every day thinking of your goals and thinking of ways you can reach them. Do that every day.”  
Now, many of us ((including me)) would say spending 30 minutes each day thinking is a luxury, but when Bob Proctor gives you that advice above all, you start planning how you could fit that 30 mins into your day lol. Coincidentally, I happen to see Bob Proctor’s August affirmation on Facebook: “I am so happy and grateful now that… I am disciplined, persistent and focused on achieving the life of my dreams.” 
That’s just it… living the life of our dreams will take a bit of work but the payoff is grand. We are all capable of living the life we desire…it’s not something granted exclusively for certain people. It all starts with positive changes within ourselves. It’s why we’re hooked on health and fitness; it helps us become better people, which translates into better lives! Needless to say, I’ll be spending 30 minutes per day just thinking of my goals and the route to getting there…I hope you will too! What do we have to lose?!

That’s all I have for my mini-moon! I get my wedding pictures back at the end of the month, and I cannot wait to share them! Thank you for being so amazing and excited about this special time…it means the world to me!

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing, congratulations I wish you all the best! Can't wait to see the pics, you both seem so happy and in love, again congrats and enjoy your mini moon!!

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