We traveled back to Wisconsin for our baby shower the first weekend of this month and it will go down as one of my favorite weekends of this pregnancy. The majority of our family still lives in the greater Milwaukee area, so when it’s much easier (maybe not so easy when baby arrives lol) for us to go to them than all of them to come to us. It felt so special being pregnant and sharing the experience with friends and family.

It was pretty sweet that my dad wanted to play a big role in the shower even though he stayed back in Texas and didn’t attend. Him and I are so similar in that we both like to be hands on in everything; people kept saying “why are you planning so much of the shower… you should be relaxing.” Well, to be honest, I would be stressing if I couldn’t be part of the planning process. I enjoy all of that so much. My dad set up the location and called me every day to check in on the progress of what I was planning for decor, food, etc lol. 

We had the shower at North Shore Country Club in Mequon- just down the road from my childhood home (all the feels for this preggo!). The view from the room was beautiful and looked over the snowy golf course. I’ve been out of Wisconsin long enough that I actually now get excited to see snow in March lol. I wanted a light blue and white theme and my one request was no games. I don’t know why but I don’t enjoy games at showers. I rather be chatting with people I don’t see often enough.

Anthony’s mom made the cutest centerpieces. She wrapped empty boxes (large, medium and small), stacked them on each other and used ribbon to tie them together. Then, she added a cluster of balloons to the top. She sprinkled baby pins around the table like confetti. I’ll have to remember that idea… it made the room feel so festive.

My mom was great with all the details. I loved the onesie garland she hung over the fireplace. When my dad was looking at locations, she kept saying, “I need a fireplace for my onesies” haha. She thought of an adorable party favor candy bar. She got chalkboard mason jars (who doesn’t love those?!) to write everyone’s name on (they also served as menu cards) and then before the guests left, they could fill their jar with all sorts of blue candies. One of my creative aunts put together the most adorable diaper cake as well as a shower themed canvas where everyone could use paint to add their finger print (I’m planning on hanging that in our peanut’s bathroom).

We munched on sandwiches and salads and finished with blue frosted cupcakes. Our baby boy was showered with lots of love and gifts to welcome him to the world. He didn’t want to kick for anyone that day, which is strange because he is usually so wiggly, but as soon as I sat down to open gifts, he kicked and jabbed the entire time (he’s spoiled and he knows it).

I received so many questions on the dress I wore at the baby shower. Before our trip, I ordered 8+ dresses and multiple sizes of each because I had no idea what would fit. I’m still small in some areas but my belly and butt need extra room (my butt is growing faster than the belly lol). I ended up picking the only non maternity dress that I ordered but I purchased it a size up and squeezed into it on the day of the shower. It was pretty inexpensive and would work for many other functions if you’re interested in it (HERE is the link).

I’ll wrap this up because I could go on forever. First off, thank YOU so much for all the love you show me and my growing family. These are truly the happiest days of my life and it’s hard to fathom they will only get more precious. It means a lot that you are so supportive of all areas of my life, especially our sweet baby boy. All three of us thank you!



Dress | Bow Flats

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