#LGFitmas Challenge: Legs + Glutes (W5D1)

Motivation Monday: This community is full of so much motivation. Motivation is best when it’s real. And what’s more real than you LG Girls?! This week’s sneaker giveaway winner + community member spotlight goes to…. Kayla aka @ladyfitness_lga She’s one dedicated babe who busts her booty and is always there for her fellow LG Sisters! Get to know more about Kayla in her interview below!
Tell us a bit about yourself!
Hello! I’m Kayla, a MN born and raised, 23 year young #LGSister. From January through April, you can most likely find me at the office counting down the days until April 15th J I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and love my job working with taxes. During the summer, I spend as much time up north at my family cabin as possible. It is my favorite place in the world to be, and enjoying time on the lake with family and friends is an added bonus. I am very close with my family; living just twenty minutes from my parents, we see each other all the time! I’m an online shopping addict 😀 Cute fitness clothes somehow end up on my doorstep all too often.
When did your health and fitness journey begin?
I grew up active in dance and playing volleyball. Both sports taught me many different things and challenged me in ways I never imaged they would. I graduated high school and went off to college where I ate dorm food, partied, and traveled. While I don’t regret any of those times or memories, I did not put myself or my health first, which ended up being quite evident. It was the beginning of my junior year of college when I was 20 that I made a conscious change. I cleaned up my eating habits and hit the gym, doing mainly cardio on the elliptical and taking fitness classes. I shed thirty pounds and gained a new confidence. Senior year of college, I found the best workout and accountability partner in one of my best friends. We usually ran five days a week, with a little weight training. I kept the weight off and gained a little muscle definition, but nothing major. I had also begun following Lauren on Instagram. Just over a year ago is when I bought my first e-book (30×30), and the rest is history.
How has the LG Community played a role in your journey?
This community has everything to do with my current journey. The things I’ve learned from Lauren and tips I’ve picked up from others in the community have been real game changers. Every morning when my alarm goes off and I want to hit snooze, I open IG, scroll through a few posts, and see that some have already completed the workout of the day. That is all the motivation I need to whip the covers off of me and hit the ground running. (Not really, it’s actually more of a slow crawl, but the fact that it gets me out of bed is the important part.) Our recent mini-Fitbit challenges have been a fun way to connect as well! It’s so odd to think we can become such good friends with people we haven’t ever met face to face, but I’m so thankful for all of the ways we have been able to connect. Without the support and motivation from the ladies that push me to become better, who knows where I’d be in my fitness journey today. Thank you Lauren and every other member of this community who has left me a comment, or posted a picture that served as my motivation for the day
Healthy eating can often be overwhelming; what tips do you have to stay on track with nutrition?
First off, do yourself a favor and pick up Lauren’s Eat Your Way Lean e-book if you haven’t already. It took me a little while to adjust to the plan, but I’ve found that if you stick to it, you will see serious results. It has completely changed the way I look at how to make a meal. Be patient; change takes times. Make constant small changes; I’ve found this to be the most effective for me. What I thought “healthy eating” was a year ago compared to today is completely different. Don’t force yourself to eat things you don’t like. You won’t be satisfied or happy, and will probably overeat or binge on something else. Try new things. I had never tried zucchini squash until I made Lauren’s Veggie Bake from her Guilt Free Food Guide e-book, and it’s a new favorite. Lauren posts new (and FREE) meals weekly; take advantage of them!
Do you have a go-to quick and healthy meal?
Smoothies are probably the easiest and quickest meal you can make. Grab a couple of ingredients, toss it all in a to-go blender cup, blend, and you’re out the door. These are a staple for my M1 in the morning on my way to work.
What would you say to someone looking to make a change to get healthier and happier?
Find what makes you happy (like an LG Challenge). Find someone to motivate and challenge you (Jump over to IG if you haven’t yet; I promise you’ll find hundreds of women, including me, waiting to cheer you on). Don’t be afraid to break the rules. I enjoy all of Lauren’s challenges, and I’ve found a new love for weight training. The best part about all workouts posted, is that you can make them your own. If it’s cardio day, and I’m just not feeling the workout, I’ll do some other sort of cardio (probably sprints, because I somehow find them fun). I love dancing; I try to add in a Zumba class once a week. The motivation from a group fitness class is incredible; if you’re new to working out, I would consider starting there. The instructors are available to give you one on one attention. Once you see results, both mentally and physically, you’ll become addicted! Just remember that everyone else at the gym is there for one goal: to better themselves. Everyone has to start somewhere. Just start. Get active and make it fun, because that’s when you put an end to your excuses.
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Words cannot express how thankful I am for YOU so hopefully a cup of coffee or tea will warm your heart the way you warm mine! Enjoy!


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