#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: Upper Body (W5D5)

Happy FriYAY! Don’t forget to get your #LGFlexFriday on and have a little fun today! Another great week completed girl! I’m seriously so proud you’ve made it this far!! Let’s finish strong!!


  • If you prefer to count reps 45 sec -> 15-18 reps
  • For unilateral movements, complete 2 reps on each side

Healthy Habit: STEP INSIDE….. MY LIFE! Wait, what?! Here’s a little switch up to the step inside series we’ve been doing this week. This website is a place where we come together on the journey of creating happier, healthier bodies and lives. Our meals and workouts are just two components to that. So, let’s show some sides we don’t normally share. I thought it would be fun to do a community Q+A. What are 5 things we would be surprised to know about you?? I’ll share mine…
1) I really love interior design and decorating. I am a total TJ Maxx/Homegood addict because you can “go crazy” for not a lot of money to switch things up around the home often. I also love Home Decorators, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. I enjoy walking through home stores to get ideas and it’s like Target… you always manage to find something ((or a lot of things)) you didn’t need lol. I love changing up my decor with each season. Oh… and holidays! Don’t even get me started on holidays!
2) I’m shy when I first meet people, but those who know me certainly wouldn’t use shy to describe me! I know if any one of my friends or family members heard Lauren and shy in the same sentence, they wouldn’t believe you. Buttttt, I’m definitely a little quiet when I’m around people I don’t know! 
3) I don’t always wear my wedding rings despite how beautiful I think they are. When I do wear my ring, I either wear just my engagement ring or just my wedding band, which perplexes people more than not wearing the ring. I never really thought twice about this but I’m often asked, “where is your ring.”
4) This year, Anthony and I made a commitment to adventures! Whether it’s taking trips to new places, finding a different route home, or wandering into random little adventures on the weekends, we are all about the excitement of new things this year!
5) I would eat breakfast food all day every day ((and sometimes I do!)) eggs for dinner is totally normal for me!
Habit Homework – Share 5 random facts about yourself!

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