#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: Shoulders + Abs (W1D2)

When creating effective workouts, there are many variables to consider. Most often, we switch up the exercises,  sets, reps and weight used. One element often overlooked that I find works well for seeing result, specifically *fit and lean* results is…. timing!

I hope you love this training technique just as much as I do!!



  • Watch your timer/stopwatch carefully… perform 20 seconds of the exercise, then rest just 10 seconds, continue repeating this pattern for 6 total rounds of each exercise
  • You will feel yourself fatigue quickly; if necessary, switch to a lower weight and continue on with proper form
  • Push through this because the results will make your jaw drop!
  • Notation: RB=Resistance Band, DB=Dumbbell, BB=Barbell (optional for heavier/gym lifting)



  • Be strong in the upper body as you complete these exercises below to really fatigue those deltoid muscles


Healthy Habit #2: Establishing a morning routine. Studies have termed the first hour we are awake as the “golden hour.” How we spend that first hour highly influences the remaining portion of our day. I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself in good and bad ways. I can think of a few days when I missed my alarm clock, woke up panicked, rushed to get ready and the entire day, I felt anxious and behind. On the contrary, think of a relaxing weekend morning…. day = made, right?!
By establishing a morning routine, we hold the power to set a positive, peaceful and healthy tone for the entire day. The key piece to planning your AM routine is to make is specific to you! Within the LG community, there are nurses who work third shift and mothers who wake up with their kids before those nurses are even getting off work, so think about your schedule, needs and the amount of time you can realistically take when configuring your ideal routine. Also, when I first implemented my AM routine, I had to set my alarm 15 minutes earlier to make room for it; at first, it didn’t seem ideal but pretty quickly, I was able to get to bed earlier and the way my morning routine impacts my day is so worth it!

Habit Homework – write out your ideal morning routine! Be open to revising this and be kind to yourself if you don’t follow it exactly every day! Practice and progress!

Here’s Mine:

  • Wake up & sit still for a few minutes, setting an intention for the day
  • AM Shot ((I’ll have to post about this- you may have seen it on snapchat))
  • 5-8 minutes stretching/yoga sequence
  • Check in on Instagram ((I try not to do this first thing when I wake up, but sometimes I get too excited to see who’s already completed the daily workout lol))
  • Make breakfast + tea
  • Read for 15-20 minutes while eating ((if schedule permits))
  • Shower + get ready for work

*If I workout in the AM, I will do so before I read and depending upon the day I’ll make breakfast after ((cardio days)) or before ((lifting days))

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.59.36 PMFIT + LEAN 2016 BUNDLE BUNDLE ME FOR 2016!

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