#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: HIIT Cardio + Core (W3D3)

You’ve seen the preview video on Instagram. You may have even lost a second of sleep over it. And now…. it’s here! THE SINGLE LEG BURPEE! This cardio and core workout will ramp up your heart rate like no other while working that waistline from every angle.

Make today’s cardio work for you! You can substitute today’s workout with….

THIS treadmill workout or any cardio/fitness class of your choice!


  • Complete the entire workout below for a total of 6 rounds

Healthy Habit: RIGHT NOW… dive into right now! I’m always learning new things from you LG Girls and this week I was taken back when my girl Melissa shared that she read the third week of January is when most new years resolutioners give up on their goals. How are you doing with yours? How is your 2016 going?

It’s pretty stinkin easy to get overwhelmed by how far we have yet to go. I get it… personally, I’m a big, big dreamer. I dream of being able to push my physical strength and self to far beyond where I am at… more pull ups, running faster, having a more defined body, etc. I dream of growing LG so much bigger so that we can reach more women in need of a healthy way of life that is effective yet enjoyable and a community of girlfriends to ride the journey with. I know what’s it feels like to hold those dreams in your mind and then feel that yucky emotion of, “but I’m so far away… where do I even begin. I can’t possibly do all of that.”
Awhile back I heard Robin Roberts talk about her breast cancer battle and she said something that stuck with me. It was something to the effect of…
When I’m feeling sad, I know I’m focusing on the past. When I’m filled with fear, I know I’m too far in the future. When I’m living in the moment, I feel good.
WOW! The only time we are really powerful is right now in this very moment. We cannot do anything about what happened yesterday or even a minute ago and we certainly cannot predict or control what is to come. We can, however, seize the present moment. This year, let’s not be the majority who loses focus of their goals this third week of January. Let’s not worry about last week or last year. Forget about tomorrow. What can you do today to make your future align with your dreams and desires? Dive into right now!
Habit Homework – right now, write down 1 thing you can do today that your future self will thank you for. What if you kept this habit up daily? That would be 365 things at the end of every year! Talk about action!

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