#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: Chest + Triceps (W2D1)

Get ready to sweat, sculpt and strengthen with this upper body workout! I added in my LG secret sauce… it’s all about training to look good but to feel even better! I hope your post-workout high sums up what I’m talking about!


  • If you prefer to count reps, perform 12-15 reps instead of 30 sec
  • There are 4 supersets in this workout… a superset means to perform 2 movements back to back without any rest in between
    • Ex: After you perform flyes, immediately perform reverse grip push downs, then take a rest before repeating that superset an additional 2 timesW2D1_fit


  • Take 30 seconds rest between sets only if needed; turn up the intensity by shortening those rest times

Healthy Habit #6: If you’ve seen my snaps since the turn of the new year, you’ve seen the spoilers that I’m absolutely hoooooooked on AM shots! One of my 2016 goals was to stretch my definition of health. Maybe you can relate to this… when I first began eating healthy, I swapped the chips nightly for wheat thins and the candy I snacked on in between classes for granola bars. As my health journey progressed, so did my goals. I then opted for more even natural food sources and ones that had nutritional benefits. This year, I’m trying to go even further, learning new things and adding in seemingly random ((I mean shots in the AM… could it get any more random ;)) healthy habits!



  • 1 tbsp organic, unflitered apple cider vinegar ((with “mothers” the cloudy blob, Trader Joes or Braggs brand are both great))
  • 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 2-3 oz mixer – lemon water or fresh squeezed, no sugar added citrus juice ((lemon is my favorite with this))

*I often like to supersize this shot by adding in 8-12 oz of additional lemon water or citrus juice to make this a drink as well as a little bit of liquid stevia or honey to sweeten it up!

  • Anti-bacterial – acetic acid is the the main component of vinegar, which kill bacteria and prevents live bacteria from multiplying
  • Blood sugar – ACV has a well documented anti-glycemic effect in which some of the digestion of starch is prevented, in turn, reducing the spiking of blood sugar levels
  • Healthy Digestion – since ACV prevents some of the starch from being digested, it can be used to feed good bacteria within the gut. Also, the “mother” or the cloudy blob within ACV is packed with probiotics!
  • Satiety – remember that word from Eat Your Way Lean! Yes, ACV has been shown to keep you feeling fuller longer
  • Cinnamon shares many of the above benefits such as anti-bacterial properties and stabilization of blood sugar levels as well as having anti-inflammatory properties and breaking up bacteria that cause bloating

Because of the great benefits ACV has on maintaining blood sugar, promoting healthy digestion and satiety, I like to have my ACV shot or drink before meals! I take 1 or 2 shots daily, never exceeding 2 tbsp of ACV per day.

Proceed with caution…..

Coming from the girl who eats flaming hot cheetos as if there is nothing spicy about ’em, I was pretty confident about taking my first cayenne shot, but it rocked my world! It’s pretty wild for the initial 10 seconds after. From what I’ve learned and experienced with cayenne, start with very little and work your way up. I’ve worked up to 1/4 tsp but I know of people who take 1 tsp ((OMG!))

Still, the benefits are so immense, I gladly take the ten seconds of “pain.” Also, I’m pretty darn addicted to the warm fuzzy feeling that immediately flushes the body!




  • 1/8 – 1/4 tsp organic cayenne pepper
  • 2-3 oz mixer – orange juice helps cut the spice

I learned a lot about cayenne here – it’s a resource I found very helpful and you may too!

  • Increases circulation ((you’ll feel this immediately!))
  • Removes toxins from the bloodstream
  • Breaks up mucus, making it a great natural-remedy for a cold or flu
  • Due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties, it can help to reduce swelling that causes headaches and migraines as well as aid in overall pain management
  • Eases upset stomach, ulcers and sore throat
  • Great metabolic booster, promoting fat loss

^there are SO many more! These are just a few favorites of mine from the over 100 benefits I’ve read… do some research to see how it can personally help you and any symptoms you struggle with! I really can’t speak highly enough of this one! I’ve never felt better!!

Because of the vasodilation effect, I love taking my cayenne shot 30-60 minutes before a workout. If you do, get ready to sweat!! Otherwise, I like this one first thing in the AM!

Habit Homework – only if you would like, try out one of these AM shot! OR share a shot recipe of your own!

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