#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: Cardio + Core (W4D3)

I told you this would be the week of switch ups and today’s cardio and core change up is certainly that!

Here’s the plan….
(1) Begin with 2 rounds of the ab circuit below
(2) 20 minutes of cardio of YOUR CHOICE: suggestions… running, walking, biking, elliptical or a fitness class ((If you’d like a guide, try THIS treadmill workout or if you do want some HIIT, try THIS home one)
^HIIT cardio is often just as much a lower body workout and since we’re training legs/glutes tomorrow and for the 2nd time this week, you’ll need the rest today!
(3) Finish with 2 more rounds of the ab circuit below
Healthy Habit: SUPPLEMENTS – they’re intended for exactly that… to supplement your already healthy habits, including clean eating and regular workouts. There are so many supplements on the market that it can be overwhelming to sort through them all in finding the best one(s) for you! I’m here to help you navigate through all of that! I worked in the sports supplement industry for a few years and my husband did as well for even longer; that experience opened my eyes to a lot and shaped me into a better consumer! I’m happy to share my knowledge with you so you don’t waste your time or money!


As you know from the LG Meal Plan and more specifically, the Eat Your Way Lean guidelines protein is a staple in an LG Girl’s diet! It’s the macronutrients most responsible for helping us repair broken down muscles to see those fit results. It also packs the greatest punch in terms of keeping us feeling fuller, longer, aiding in overall weight management. The hang up with protein is that it is pretty darn challenging to consume our daily protein intake goal in purely food form. As a general rule of thumb, we should be consuming at least 1 gram of protein per body pound of weight we carry each day (EX: 130 lb woman = 130 grams protein daily). A protein supplement is a great way to get in added protein throughout the day in a low-calorie, hassle-free form! I particularly love protein powder as an add in with a smoothie, as part of my meal before bed when I don’t feel like eating something heavy or when I’m on the go! I wouldn’t suggest any more than 2 servings of protein powder per day ((I try to limit mine to just 1 and use real food sources for protein for my other 4 meals))
The “fun” supplement. I am all about the pre-workouts and so is my husband. We have a collection of at least 15 different kinds in our cabinet. Before you call me crazy ((it’s okay though, I know I am ;)) I’ll tell you why… pre-workouts get us so psyched up to workout and in the zone that it makes getting to the gym the easiest and quite often, the most fun part of my day! Think of your pre-workout as more of a ritual… sipping on it for 10 minutes while you let go of any stress or burdens you may be carrying and while you get into the focus of working on your self. By the time you finish it, you’ll be feeling energized ((thank you caffeine!)) and ready to crush your workout ((thanks to some awesome ingredients))! We all know it can be a challenge to get out of bed before the sun is up to complete your workout or to make it to the gym after a long day, so a pre-workout may definitely be for you! 
I linked a video below on what to look out for in a pre-workout supplement!
Obviously, not all supplements are created equal. I try to look for ones ((especially)) with protein that are as natural as possible… whey isolates and plant based proteins are my two go-tos. Also, with protein, the grams of protein per serving should closely match the overall grams per serving. The rest is just “filler.”
Take the total cost of the bottle divided by the number of servings per bottle and you’ll get the cost per serving to see how that fits into your budget. Also, it’s important to note that at a meal, you’re most likely getting in 25-30 grams of protein in a 3-4 ounce chicken breast or filet of fish, so your protein serving should be in that 25-30 gram range too. Unfortunately, some companies trick” the consumer by making the serving size underdosed, so keep an eye out for that!
More questions? Check out this video with more details on supplements
Habit Homework – watch your protein intake today! How are you with meeting your daily intake goal?
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