#LGBeautyAndBooty Challenge: Lower Body Strength (W4D4)

Today’s workout and tip has two goals that I know you’ll love: 1) tighten the tummy and 2) sculpt a tight & lifted backside. Curves made of muscle is the name of the game today! All strength movements have a target rep range of 10, so try your best to challenge yourself with a weight that allows for failure around that number….more reps = go heavier, less rep = lighten the load.

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Training Tip Thursday: OVERHEAD SQUATS….please don’t get mad at me. Every time I put overhead squats in a workout, I see so many love/hate comments. First off, overhead squats are one of the best movements to simultaneously tighten the tummy and sculpt the backside. As you know, they’re pretty darn challenging. Falling over, getting tired after two reps, and vomiting curse words are often accompanied with overhead squats, especially at first. One of the best attributes of this LG Community is that you’re always up for a challenge and willing to learn something new, so here’s a four step sequence that will help you build up to overhead squats. You could think of the “goal” as being a barbell overhead squat shown in the first picture in this post. Also, feel free to substitute any one of these 4 steps 

4 Step Overhead Squat Sequence:
If you’re falling over in an overhead squat or any squats is may be due to tight muscles. Start by stretching out those areas and getting used to the feeling of sitting back in a squat with this stretch. Sit down deep into a squat and position your elbows inside each knee as you rest there for 30 seconds before standing up.

For this progression, grab a dumbbell, plate or any weighted object. Focus on sitting back into the squat and as you lower down, raise up the dumbbell. Holding something heavy out in front of you will keep you balanced but also help you work on that overhead squat form ((sitting back into a squat is beneficial for booty building/sculpting))

To progress to going through the movement of an overhead squat, first begin without any added weight. Raise both arms overhead and use what you’ve developed in the prior steps to sit back into the squat as you lower down, staying balanced and tight in the tummy.

Adding two light dumbbells overhead to the movement will add a challenge. Here, you will notice a higher degree of core engagement, which is a great thing. From here, you can progress to heavier dumbbells or a barbell.

 To view a video of this progression, CLICK HERE

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To share the rap song used in my Instagram video last night. I have Anthony to thank for many of my goofy rap song playlist 😉
“Jose Conseco” -Riff Raff
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    September 18, 2015 at 10:18 PM

    When you squat, your knees come inward a lot, especially in your downward motion (I noticed on IG). This puts you at a higher risk for ligament tears. It can be beneficial to move your knees inward when coming out of a squat to increase monentum and then return them to a neutral position. They should at least be as neutral as possible to avoid injury.

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