#LGBeautyAndBooty Challenge: Lower Body Strength (W3D4)

My bootyful babes…get ready for the booty workout of all booty workouts. On our lower body strength training days, we typically start with a glute pre-exhaust to fatigue the booty, forcing it to engage more and work harder in compound movements. With today’s brand new workout structure, you’ll notice a glute isolating exercise before every compound movement to make every movement backside focused for a figure with curves made of muscle!

WORKOUT NOTE: for all unilateral movements (ie: reverse flutter kicks, walking lunges & weighted fire hydrants), the suggested rep range is for each side. Challenge yourself with increased weight today!

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Training Tip Thursday: With a challenge focused on shaping, sculpting, tightening and lifting that backside, the glute pre-exhaust method is something we’ve used to see results. In general, the training technique involves beginning with a few isolating exercises that target the glutes to fatigue them prior to moving into the strength training portion of the workout. This forces those muscles to work harder in compound movements and feel a deeper burn ((which in our case, is a good thing lol)) Today’s workout structure uses that same philosophy with a different approach and it’s one I would love to explain so that you can recreate it after this challenge. Grouping a glute isolating exercise with a compound ((meaning it engages multiple muscle groups such as in a squat)) will make the exercise more of a glute-focus overall. On the contrary, if you were working to emphasize the quadriceps perhaps, you could perform leg extensions followed by squats to put the focus on the front of the legs. This training technique can be used for just about any muscle group!!

Daily Challenge: Last week’s “Thoughtful Thursday” was one of the most touching and loving days within the #LGAccountability community. Let’s make it a regular thing! Today, share a photo or screen shot of a fellow community member who has made an impact on your health journey and a few thoughtful words on them! Spread that LG love!!

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