#LGBeautyAndBooty Challenge: Lower Body Volume (W6D4)

You know I had to do it to you….one last KILLER leg & booty workout for the Beauty and Booty Challenge. This workout alternates between high reps of isolated glute exercises and lower reps of lower body strength movements to help you build one bangin’ backside!!
Don’t you worry about those booty gains…I have your back. I cannot wait to share with you and see what you think ((even though I know you’re going to loooove it)) of what’s happening after this challenge! All the details will be posted this Sunday, so that you can begin right away!

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To kick it up a notch, see the advanced versions of the split squat & overhead squats HERE

Training Tip Thursday: PULSES! In the video of the advanced version split squat, you’ll notice a pulse at the bottom of the exercise. Pulses can also be known as partial movements, and the reason I like to include them on occasion is because our bodies are very good at adapting. So, let’s say you’ve done split squats in 3 out of you last 5 leg workouts; simply adding in a pulse is a great way to maximize training and increase the muscle burn. When we work out, the “scientific” goal is that our muscle tissues are physically torn down ((not always an easy task)) and then once we allow that muscle to rest and recover through nutrition, it reveals what we see as results. Pulses are a great addition to almost any movement for a switch up and highly effective muscle burn!

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Daily Challenge: To enjoy the happy, healthy lifestyle we are creating, let’s get a festive Fall mood…a seasonal candle, fall decor, savory food. Share what you’re doing to embrace Fall ­čÖé #LGAccountability
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