Happy Friday! Happy LG Sister Spotlight Day! Every Friday here is dedicated to highlighting one of our many amazing community members. Today is all about Sarah.

A lot of women ask “how to stay on track” and “how to get motivated” – I think one of the best ways is through community #LGAccountability It’s knowing that you are part of something greater than yourself. When you workout and when you share it with others, you use yourself and your story as inspiration. 

When I put together these posts, I’m reminded of just how special this community is and how I feel so luck you’ve decided to be a part of that. Whenever you question yourself, your progress or what the heck you’re doing in life, just know that YOU are someone’s motivation.

Last week, Amberly tagged Sarah as an LG Sister who inspires her, so let’s meet Sarah…

lauren gleisberg fitness accountability community

LG Sister FAQ:

Name: Sarah
IG Handle: healthysar_fitjourney
Age: 35
Location: Oregon
Occupation: Office Manager of an elementary school
Hobbies: Reading, watching basketball, hanging out with my 13 year old son

How did you get started with your health and fitness journey?

I started a fitness journey several years ago when I joined a “Biggest Loser” challenge with my sisters and their co-workers. I won that challenge. I went through multiple phases of working out consistently to sometimes working out, and back again.  About 2 years ago I got really motivated when I got a job promotion and moved to a different school to work and met people who inspired me to be better and work harder. (Especially my friend, Becki)  It was then that I was introduced to the LG community and have not missed a challenge since, or even a workout. Working out is part of my routine now, just like brushing my teeth! 

What about weight training specifically do you love?

I love how it makes me feel strong and how I can push myself to places I did not know my body was capable of going. I love how I burn calories all day long ( I workout before work) and how I have energy all day after lifting.

Do you have a go-to healthy meal for when you’re short on time?

I love a good hummus wrap: power greens tortilla, tomato and basil hummus, veggies, turkey, and feta. 

What do you do when you’re lacking gym motivation?

A few things motivate me:  remembering how I will feel when I am finished, SnapChats with my girl Becki every single day as accountability, and cruising IG to see all the LG Sisters getting in their workouts!

How has the LG Accountability Community played a role in your success?

I have meet amazing women through this account and they push me to do well. They hold me accountable by liking a post, writing a comment, sharing their journeys. I have not met many in person- which is another reason why this community is awesome… we support one another from afar.

What advice would you share with a fellow LG Sister looking to get healthier and happier? 

Do you. Love yourself. Trust the process.


Favorite Quote: “Everything I am not has made me everything I am.”
Favorite Book: Talking as Fast as I can by Lauren Graham (I just LOVE her)
Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Parenthood, This is Us
Favorite Movie: Little Mermaid 
Favorite Vacation Spot: San Diego or Hawaii
Favorite Healthy Food: Apples
Favorite Treat: Cake and pizza
Favorite Weekend Activity: My son’s basketball games


There’s always an invitation to dive into this community… receive all the support you need to reach your goals as well as the resources (workouts, meals, motivation, etc.) to do so! 

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