LG Sister Spotlight: Lindsay

The LG Sister Spotlight is to shine a light on our wonderful community members. This week’s spotlight goes to Lindsay who was also the Beauty + Booty Challenge week 1 giveaway winner of the 1 hour massage. Lindsay, we are lucky to have you as an LG Sister! Meet Lindsay a little bit more below!


LG Sister FAQ:

Name: Lindsay Tack
Instagram Handle: fittack
Age: 30 (but 31 on Halloween, yikes!)
Location: Boulder, CO (but originally Houston, TX)
Occupation: User Experience Researcher/Cognitive Psychologist/Human Factors Engineer
Hobbies: Cycling, running, painting things/art, home improvement and decor, reading
Meet Lindsay:

How did you health and fitness journey begin?
Oh boy. Well I have always been “athletic.” I started playing soccer when I was 3 and played on multiple D1 teams throughout high school. Was invited to play on college teams, but that wasn’t what I wanted to do. Growing up I was also involved in softball (as a pitcher with lessons and the whole bit), swim team, cross country, theater, tap, etc. BUT….it was my parents who introduced me to road cycling in 8th grade, which was when I rode my first 180 mile bike tour. After that we had multiple family vacations that were 500-600 mile bike tours….then I worked for  that same cycle touring company in summers in college. Once I went to college I definitely gained that freshman 15. On my small frame that was A LOT! Hence, there are no pictures to document that because I made my parents delete all of them (probably a carry-over from my “disordered” body image/eating in high school). Anyways, I was unhappy after the first 1.5 years of college, transferred universities, and soon after I met my amazing smart beautiful husband who introduced me to weight lifting! He has written many weight lifting programs for me over the years, but I think he was relieved once I found Lauren’s blog because I stopped asking him for new programs 🙂
As a busy bee, how do you make your workouts and meals a priority when there’s so much going on?
IT IS HARD!!!!! In college and in graduate school it was easier because I had more “flex time” in my days. I was fortunate enough to get a very flexible job out of grad school, but am currently in a new position at a new company and it is a lot harder. Now that I have been there a couple of months I have earned more flexibility, but I am still fighting to get off that extra “new job fluff.” I HATE working out super early in the mornings, but luckily I have the LG community and great friends like @wyanot_b_fit to workout with me in person and inspire me because she travels and works out at the @$$ crack of dawn on travel all the time. It is the lovely people in my life (Lg gals, friends, my hubby who is sooooo athletic, and a supportive work environment) that help me make it work. Also, I used to be a lot harder on myself, but that was counter productive. Self love is real y’all!!!!
How do you make health and fitness fun?
Put the fun between your legs! Oh geez, don’t be dirty y’all….I meant CYCLING!!!!!!! Cycling, cycling cycling. Ok you get it now. Bikes are fun. I also love having people to share health and fitness with and I love to get outside. If I only have time to squeeze in a short workout in between meetings and if the weather is nice, I haul my dumbbells and resistance bands out to the park near my house and get some good vitamin D (and hope a certain workout buddy can join)! I also sign up for all kinds of stupid events that I have to train for and then I end up thinking, “what did I get myself into? I am nuts.” Just have fun and don’t think about it too much. That is the only way it can be a lifestyle.
What do you do to deal with setbacks and obstacles?
I used to be very bad at this. I used to punish myself by starving myself and even going so far as to write “FAT” on my stomach. Ugh. Who was that person? The mental journey is the toughest. It took me YEARS (probably 10) to get to a place where I was able to deal with setbacks and obstacles without really sweating it. You. must. be. rational. Now I tell myself ‘Gee, I am bloated because I ate pizza 4 days in a row…..but that other time I ate pizza one day in a week I never got bloated. See? One bad thing won’t set you back or make you feel horrible. Just don’t overdo it. You’ll be fine and back to where you were in no time.”  I just always remind myself that I have bounced back and I will bounce back again. The important thing is that I maintain a lifestyle that helps me catch things before they get too far out of control.
How has the LG Community played a role in your journey?
OH MY GOSH!!!!! Well, I can tell you that my husband is thrilled that I no longer constantly badger him for new lifting plans. Seriously though….this community is the SHEEZ  NEEEZZZ. So many woman, so many stories, so many walks of life. I. Love. It. I get overwhelmed and think there is NO way we could have kids and maintain our life and stay fit….but SO many super LG women do it. It motivates me so much everyday. Love each and every one of you boo thanks so much.
Do you have any advice for someone looking to get healthier and happier?
Don’t do it to punish yourself. Do it to love yourself. It sounds cliche, but I have transitioned from the former side to the latter, and the process is sooooo much less stressful and so much more enjoyable and rewarding if you do it to love yourself. And what Lauren says is true….it makes you feel SO empowered from the inside which permeates throughout all aspects of your life.

Favorite Quote: I wish I had one but I can’t decide right now.
Favorite Travel Spot: Hawaii!!! Or anything beachy because I already live in the Moutains (my other fave spot)
Favorite Book: Honestly, I quit reading for pleasure 8 years ago when i started grad school (which was 6.5 years long)…and am just getting back into reading for pleasure. Recommendations are welcome!
Favorite Movie: Grease or Dirty Dancing. I LOVE musicals.
Favorite Weekend Activity: Cycling and Beer
Favorite Healthy Meal: Anything with Ahi
Favorite Treat: mint chocolate chip icecream or beer

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