LG Sister Spotlight: Jill

Meet our Week 2 giveaway winner of the 1 hour massage and this week’s LG Sister Spotlight… Jill! The LG Sister Spotlight is a way to bring our community closer and gain inspiration from those we call sisters!


Name: Jill Stout
Instagram Handle: jill_lgfitmom
Age: 28
Location: West Jordan, UT
Occupation: Stay At Home Mom (aka Supermom)
Hobbies: Exercising, Decorating, Arts & Crafts, Yard work, Cooking, and Dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Meet Jill:
How did your health and fitness journey begin?
Growing up, I’ve always been an active busy-body. I can’t sit still for the life of me. I grew up playing sports, being hands-on, and even started working with my dad for my first job doing lawn care in 6th grade. I love being active and working up a sweat, but after graduating high school, I was never consistent. I’ve always been self-conscious about my appearance, so I would workout for a bit and then stop again. When I did make time, working out was easy for me but nutrition has always been a struggle and disinterest.
As I’ve grown older I’ve seen family members being diagnosed with health issues. Most commonly diabetes. In 2013, my dad was taken to the ER for nearly slipping into a diabetic coma because he had awful eating habits. I was terrified and hated seeing him like that. Now I knew diabetes was a risk on both sides of my family, so I committed to investing in myself to avoid having that fate. I slowly made changes. Although I didn’t know much, I made small tweaks to nutrition, but mostly increased my exercise. Surprise, Surprise.. I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.
Last Summer I went to San Diego with my husband and 2 boys. We spent most of the time at the beach. I envied the girls that were all different shapes and sizes rocking their bikinis. I realized it was time to make an internal commitment and work on feeling more confident. Rather than holding myself back on fun, and preventing myself from living in the moment due to silly insecurities, I decided it was time to let go and just enjoy time with my boys.

What’s your favorite on-the-go meal?
Greek Yogurt. I could eat different variations all day – and it takes a lot for me to hold back from doing so lol.

What’s your preference: home workouts or gym workouts?
I have most of what I need at home, but I prefer the gym! That is my place to have *me* time. This mommy needs to remove distractions to focus on herself! I am a better and much happier mom if I’m able to hit the gym. They have fabulous kid care that even my kids love going to.

What does it mean to you to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle?
To me it means loving it and getting to a point where you *want* to live this way, rather than feeling like you *have* to. Thinking: I don’t *want* that  vs  I *can’t* have that. Being happy with who you are now, but looking for ways to improve.

How has the LG Community played a role in your journey?
The LGSisters are a support system I never knew I needed. Being introduced to that aspect of Instagram was mind-blowing. A place where girls are cheering each other on, giving compliments, providing motivation and tips…I have never “met” such amazing women! They are all so inspiring!! I love reading everyone’s check-ins. They often get me pumped to do the workouts. Admittedly, they even talk me into simply doing the workouts on ‘off’ days.
Most importantly, I LOVE Lauren’s daily photo challenges that incorporate improving your inner health. This has brought me to such an impactful state of mind. I have never been so happy, confident, and appreciative in my life. Whether it be gratitude for the weather or being forced to look for beauty in myself, that is what I am MOST grateful for. Self confidence is HUGE. And I think seeing other women working through the same struggles in life, but fighting for the same end goal is inspiring.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get healthier and happier?
In the past I hit so many walls because I wasn’t fully invested. Make sure it’s something you truly want and that you are ready to be patient with yourself. If you’ve hit that point- JUST DO IT! Only you can make it happen. Don’t make it a chore, just have fun with it and keep an open mind.
Also, routine is key. I think it can be overwhelming to try and master both exercise and nutrition at the same time, at least it was for me. Pick one and focus on it. Once you’ve got it down, implement the other. Take it day by day and have faith in the process! You’ll be glad you did.

Favorite Quote: Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Favorite Travel Spot: Anywhere new! I love exploring unfamiliar places with my little family.
Favorite Movie: Ooh, this is tough. I can watch Pitch Perfect over and over..and over.
Favorite Weekend Activity: Spending time as a family or dates with my husband.
Favorite Healthy Meal: Variety of grill chicken salads
Favorite Treat: Candy and Coke+Fireball

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