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In honor of wedding season, I wanted to share my workout guide to getting wedding ready. If you’re not a bride-to-be, this is also a great approach for prepping for a special event or vacation. Planning a wedding can definitely be stressful; hopefully, I can help alleviate any workout/getting in shape stress you may be experiencing.

1. Why it’s actually “easier” to get in shape for your wedding than any other time
2. What workouts I suggest to prep for the big day
3. The other super important thing to speed up results
4. How to do all of this WITH your husband and ENJOY it
Motivation is what gets us started and habit is what keeps us going. I actually think getting in shape for your wedding is the ultimate motivation because 1) who doesn’t want to look and feel their best on their big day?! and 2) there’s a rigid timeline. 
The success of a workout plan falls on our shoulders with how consistent are with it. The motivation of “t-minus 3 months until the wedding” is a constant motivational flame. Because of this, you may surprise yourself as to how habitual your workouts become.
Also, very likely your mom, sister, girlfriends, husband, etc., will be eager to get into a workout routine too, so it can be a really fun time to get your fitness on.

For my wedding day, I recall wanting to feel fit, lean and defined especially with my arms since that was going to be my most visible body part. I knew exactly the steps I wanted to take to get there so this is the plan I suggest for my brides-to-be as well as the exact workout approach I followed. 
STEP 1: weight training foundation
I followed my Weight Training Plan about 3-4 months out from my wedding. The training focus is on building lean muscle mass and achieving that fit, strong look.   This set the foundation for the next step. 
STEP 2: fat-loss driven workouts
After I set my weight training foundation and hopefully improved my muscle mass a bit, I then focused on leaning out. This began about 6 weeks prior to my wedding. I followed THIS plan. I love love love it because the workouts are only 30 mins but it’s so intense and gave me the exact results I wanted: muscle definition & fat loss.
Just a note – the final 2-ish weeks prior 
STEP 3: extra cardio
About 1 month out from my wedding, I added in a little extra cardio. Some days, I would do 15-20 minutes of jogging or the stair stepper in addition to my workout. Most often, my husband and I took a walk.
I cannot recommend this enough… after Anthony and I cooked dinner together each night, we would go for a walk or light jog around the neighborhood. Honestly, it was one of my favorite pre-wedding memories because especially those few weeks prior to the big day, there can be a lot of chaos and commotion. This evening cardio really reminded us of what all of this wedding stuff was about…. our relationship, our marriage, our life together.

I couldn’t talk about getting wedding ready without discussing the role of what we eat. Nutrition is without a doubt the most effective way to get to your goals. I feel like I don’t need to discuss what you “should” be doing when it comes to healthy as you likely already know that.. the key is implementation.
Side note – if you truly need help with the “how to eat healthy” or if you feel stuck with it, I highly suggest my Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan: it’s a nutrition approach that helps you see results through food alone.
As it relates to getting ready for your big day, the top tip I have is getting your groom involved in the healthy eating. If BOTH of you are focused on cleaning up your meals, you’ll be much more likely to be successful. The key… don’t “advertise” the health of everything to your soon to be husband. I’ve found guys just aren’t into that.
Use some of my hundred of healthy yet delish recipes and/or search on the web… I make things like tacos, pizza, stuffed burgers, etc. Meals that taste great yet are nutritious. 
What my husband and I did/do is that we cooked dinner together every night and we made double so that it served as lunch the next day. We both got really involved and excited about cooking… we focused on that as opposed to “eating healthier.” It was great bonding and great for our waistlines lol.
Like I mentioned with the evening walk/jog and cooking dinner, when it comes to preparing for your wedding, get your groom on board. For many of us… when we look good, we feel good and when we feel good, we look good.
Feeling your best on your wedding day is an inside out job and I found that becoming a healthier version of myself (and doing it alongside my fiance) if what made me feel like I had a “bridal glow.”
I hope these tips help you feel absolutely amazing on your big day! XO



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