When leg day rolls around, my mood totally depends on how my workout goes. To be honest, I’m excited to take on leg day… most days. BUT, every now and then, I’m not in an ideal mood and still need to get my workout in. Instead of working against my mood, I work with it.

I narrowed it down to 3 moods that I commonly feel when I’m getting to the gym:

  1. Energetic + Excited (because I LOVE leg day, this is most often how I feel)
  2. Tired + Exhausted (after a long work day, sometimes we are just plain tired and still make the gym a priority)
  3. Not Feelin’ So Hot (we all have those days. You can put any feeling in here from mad to sad to frustrated. These are the days you’re just not feeling your best)

I hope this helps you get the most of leg day no matter what your mood!



CHOOSE: Traditional Weight Training + Plyometrics

WHY IT’S GOOD: harness all that energy and motivation into completing weighted movements that challenge you physically… increase the weight! Go for an extra rep! I also like to add in plyometrics after weighted sets or at the end of the workout! If you thought you were in a good mood walking into the gym, get ready to leave feeling elated.

Try THIS OR THIS Workout

^^this photo is a total joke; I jumped in for a photo opp while my husband was doing his deadlift workout haha #DeadliftDreams


CHOOSE: Leg Workout w/ 1 Piece of Equipment

WHY IT’S GOOD: when you’re tired, the last thing you want to be doing is running around the gym from machine to machine. And you certainly don’t feel like pushing yourself to complete jump squats after a set of deadlifts. I’ve found that pushing myself too much when I’m exhausted quickly leads to frustration. Instead of turning my mood around, I leave the gym feeling defeated. Choosing a leg workout that uses just dumbbells or just a barbell or just a kettle bell will allow you to complete movements in the same spot while getting in a great leg workout! 

Try THIS Workout



CHOOSE: Leg Supersets or Circuits

WHY IT’S GOOD: a leg day with added cardio (that isn’t “traditional cardio”) will surely turn that frown upside down. There’s nothing like a leg workout that gets the heart rate pumping to really shift a mood. These “feel good” workouts are ones that entail several supersets or an entire circuit to combine weighted leg exercises with cardio by allowing for little rest. 

Try THIS Workout

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