Items You're Going to Want to Add to Your Gym Bag ASAP

My gym bag has evolved into a healthy lifestyle bag. It’s a tote bag (or a few tote bags, lol) that come with me from school drop off to the gym then off to work and onto errands. Because this bag comes with me everywhere, the items in it are essentials for helping me live my best, healthiest life. I’ll share a run down because I’m sure you’re going to want to add these to your gym bag… or healthy lifestyle bag too!

To let you in on the BTS of writing this post: I am literally dumping out my tote bag and seeing what items are in here…



Just like I pack snacks for my kids, I pack snacks for myself. I always carry a Vital Proteins Collagen Bar. First off, you know the benefits of collagen, and so many of us have hopped on the VP collagen train for hair, skin, nail, gut and overall health. I’ve converted about half of my use from the powder to the bars because… I love to eat.

Each bar obviously provides the collagen benefits, but also they’re so satisfying. 12 grams of collagen 16-17 grams of overall protein. 4 grams of sugar or less. They’re a great snack option with added benefits. I have 2 favorite flavors: 1) the Chocolate Almond Sea Salt (when I’m craving a candy bar) and 2) the Lemon Vanilla (for when I want that muffin-flavor fix)

Quick Snack Tip – whenever I opt for a snack, I try to choose high protein options. Protein is the macronutrient most responsible for satiety: the feeling of full. High protein snacks like the collagen bars keep you fuller, longer.
HEADPHONES: AirPods (here)
I can’t get through a day without popping in my AirPods at least 5x: music during workouts, podcasts while doing laundry, audio book while running errands, etc. I also have THIS silicone pink case for protection. 
Speaking of headphones, I always have this portable charger with me. It’s sleek and slim so it barely takes up any room in my back but proves to be BIG time helpful when I need it. 
If you’re going to spend your money on a shaker, you’ve got to get a Blender Bottle. They’re the best, highest quality shakers on the market and the only one I actually trust with liquid in my bag. This one in particular is what I take with me because it has an attached storage compartments where I can keep collagen and/or protein powder.
MNI BANDS (here)
I love mini bands for extra resistance, especially on leg day, but my gym doesn’t have one. It folds up tiny and I keep it in a side compartment in my tote bag.
I have cosmetic pouch in my tote bag and a few extra hair ties are always in there. These ones specifically are my favorites… they’re the no crease options and are sturdier than the others I’ve tried. 
Another item I keep in the cosmetic pouch. I get travel sizes of all my favorite products. This dry shampoo is the best because it actually cleans your hair!
I always keep my laptop or iPod with me. I wish I had a great recommendation for a laptop case. I’m currently using a random one from amazon… I’ve been searching for a chic yet functional option. If you have one you love, let me know.
Another item in my cosmetic pouch. If I am going somewhere right after my workout and can’t shower, I do a quick wipe down:  face, neck, chest + even underarms (in that order). I have sensitive skin and these are gentle yet cleansing. 
A boring one but it’s in my bag, so it made this list. Plus, you’ll probably need money and/or your ID throughout the day, so don’t forget it ;):)
LIP BALM (favs: here + here)
I get super dry lips after my workout. I think it’s a combination of sweating and drinking then drying out. I keep these both in my cosmetic pouch.
I also have a few stasher bags… they’re reusable silicone bags. In a huge one I have 1 diaper and a mini pack of wipes (mom life). In another, I have snacks for the boys. I love that they’re so heavy duty and they’re a good catchall.
*thank you to Vital Proteins for sponsoring this post

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