This one was quite requested and I recieved a lot of DMs on this topic. I’m going to recategorize this into “fitness leaders” in general: fitness models, online trainers, online coaches, network marketers and even fitness magazines. Let’s dive in!

Also, please please please feel free to comment on this post. LG is about community and all of our thoughts and opinions. I know Sassy Post Week is about my thoughts but I would love to hear yours too!

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IG FITNESS MODELS: these ladies I would categorize as those who have a social media presence (often a very large one) but do not sell fitness related plans of their own. They may be “sponsored athletes” of a company but it’s not theirs if that makes sense.
ONLINE TRAINERS: these people are those who not only have a social media presence but also a brand/business behind them. These ladies sell programs and training online.
ONLINE COACHES/NETWORK MARKETERS: these women are often affiliated with companies like Beachbody or Advocare. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Advocare uses the terminology “coaches” and I believe it is Beachbody that does.
MAGAZINES: you know the big names-  any health and fitness magazine that could be found in a bookstore, drugstore, etc.
Here are my very quick thoughts on each of the players I’m discussing and then in the following sections I’ll give my sassy thoughts on why I feel the way I feel about these.

IG FITNESS MODELS: Eh. I support women doing their thing so looking at it through that perspective, I’m like “you do you boo boo”  but personally, I don’t follow these types of accounts. I do have a pretty strong opinion on this (see opinion #1)
ONLINE TRAINERS: Love most! Have a real issue with others! (see opinion #2)
ONLINE COACHES/NETWORK MARKETERS: While many people may have thought I would dislike these online fitness leaders, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have no problem. In fact, I commend this group (see opinion #3)
MAGAZINES: ugh. Don’t even get me started (more in opinion #2)
When we are on social media and when we decide what accounts to follow, we are subconsciously thinking “how can you add value to my life.”
We follow some pages for comedy (I follow a few pages that share news bloopers – why do those make me laugh so damn hard haha). We follow other pages for inspiration (I love quote accounts and I even home decor pages for inspo on interior decorating). We follow pages for informational content (I follow some mom accounts for insight and cool products as well as food pages ideas in the kitchen). You get the idea.
Now, when I’m scrolling and I see a picture of a beautiful woman who is barely clothed and in her bedroom taking a selfie, I’m just not into it. It’s not jealousy because I will be the first to say, “wow she is stunning” or “what an amazing body” but it just doesn’t add value to my life.
Like, what the F are you providing me?! Am I supposed to go be like “oh I’m so glad I saw that now my day will be even better” hehe no.

On the contrary, there have been many times where I came across a positive quote and it literally lifted me in that moment. It provided value! If there are women or men out there who want to just model their bodies on social media, I have no problem with it in general but I just don’t follow it because I value my time and I don’t waste my time with something that has no value for me. Ya feel me?
Now, this is why I actually like many online trainers and online coaches/network marketers, I feel like they’re actually trying to provide value. Whether it’s a quick workout idea, a recipe, inspiration for getting to the gym or finding balance in your life, these women provide something to their followers. It’s like hey, I’m here to help you by sharing my thoughts, tips, tricks, plans, products and life with you. Love it!

HUGE issue here for me!  Companies and magazines trying to prey on and brainwash women. It’s like they care more about making a dollar than you do actually helping women. Fortunately, I think most women are starting to see it too!
How many times have you heard a trainer simply say “do this to get to your goals” or “you need to buy this to help you see results” WITHOUT explaining why. That is the robot effect and it makes me sick.
I am alwaysss sharing the science behind my plans and the explanation behind why I’m suggesting you do something. My entire meal plan has a science section. My Weight Training Plan includes a manual that literally breaks down why everything I suggest is effective. I don’t everrrr want anyone to do something just because I said it. I want you to empower you by sharing things I’ve learned that I believe can help you.
Robots are what companies want to create. They want women to not really “get it” because they want you to depend on them. They want you to buy every single thing they offer you, thinking you need it because they won’t actually educate you.
And here’s the kicker. They’ll act like they’re helping and explaining but a lot of it is BS . I know you ladies are sharp and smart and I respect that which is why I don’t waste your time with those basic explanations.
You see this all over magazines. It’s fluff stuff. But, it creates robots and it sells.
This is why I love LG Sisters so stinkin much. I feel like I’ve done my job when you feel confident enough to try a workout you created. Don’t get me wrong… I hope you always find your way back and enjoy a workout or plan I’ve put together haha but I’m not here to create robots.
Now, this is why I love most online trainers, coaches and network marketers. I truly believe most of them are women looking to empower other women in a variety of ways. I believe most online trainers want to share their knowledge and experience in helping others hit their physical goals. I believe most coaches and network marketers are sharing products and supplements that have helped them in hope of it helping others too. I believe in their intentions and that is what counts.
Being on this side of things, I’ve really started supporting other women who are out there hustling. From ordering more off Etsy to shopping at local boutiques, I just really stand behind women supporting other women (and men too).
Well that does it for today’s sassy post. I know opinion #2 got a lotta bit sassy but it’s truly how I feel. Now tell me how you feel in the comments!

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