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In this post, you will find 5 things I think you should know. These 5 posts are some of my most-read blog posts. And, they’re also ones that are incredibly helpful in getting you closer to your goals. I’m all about efficiency… getting you to your goals without wasting time, effort and money (extra money to spend on your favorite caffeinated drink ;))

With that said, I’ll quit the chit chat and let you get to reading. 




Women are often concerned with looking bulky when they begin weight training. You don’t have to worry about that… in this post, I share 3 points as to how I lift weights to achieve a fit yet feminine look.





“What supplements should I take?” One of the most common questions I am asked. My answer may surprise you because I really do believe 90% of supplements are a waste of money. These are the only ones I suggest. 





On the topic of supplements… even when you know which ones are helpful, finding the *best* option can be near impossible. Thanks to multi-million dollar marketing budgets, who knows what’s actually good and what’s just hyped up these days. Here are the 4 things I look for when buying protein powder.





I know Intermittent Fasting forwards, backwards and upside down because I’ve done it both the “right way” and the “wrong way.” Intermittent fasting is talked about at one of the most effective fat loss tools and I’ve personally found that to be true! But, I also love it for other reasons.

This blog post is actually an index of all my IF posts because I’ve done a lot on it! There’s a lot you need to know and if you’re considering this eating approach, I highly suggest you read these!





We all know the gym “has it all” but what about those who want to get fit at home? Is it possible? YES. Even if you’re on a budget, I’ve got you covered. In this post, I break down how I built my home gym. These are the exact items I use and on budgets from $50 to $500+



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